Issue 1, 1994, volume 37

Reviews of topical problems

A.Yu. Morozov “Integrability and matrix models37 1–55 (1994)

Physics of our days

M.A. Markov “Possible existence of asymptotic freedom of gravitational interactions in nature37 57–68 (1994)

From the current literature

M.Yu. Kagan “Fermi-gas approach to the problem of superfluidity in three- and two- dimensional solutions of 3He in 4He37 69–79 (1994)

Instruments and methods of investigation

Yu.I. Vorontsov “Standard quantum limits of measurement error and methods of overcoming them37 81–96 (1994)

From the history of physics

Yu.A. Lyubimov “George Green: his life and works (on the occasion of the bicentenary of his birthday)37 97–109 (1994)

Issue 2, 1994, volume 37

Reviews of topical problems

V.G. Makhan’kov, Yu.P. Rybakov, V.I. Sanyuk “Localised nontopological structures: construction of solutions and stability problems37 113–137 (1994)

A.Yu. Val’kov, V.P. Romanov, A.N. Shalaginov “Fluctuations and light scattering in liquid crystals37 139–183 (1994)

S.V. Demishev, Yu.V. Kosichkin, N.E. Sluchanko, A.G. Lyapin “Amorphous semiconductors prepared by quenching under high pressure37 185–217 (1994)

Methodological notes

A.V. Belinskii “Bell’s theorem without the hypothesis of locality37 219–222 (1994)


A.A. Beilinson, A.N. Gordeev, T.I. Gutsunaev, Yu.I. Zaparovannyi, V.G. Kadyshevskii, A.A. Logunov, V.B. Magalinskii, M.G. Meshcheryakov, V.P. Milant’ev, Yu.A. Popov, V.M. Filippov “Yakov Petrovich Terletskii (Obituary)37 223–225 (1994)


L.M. Lyamshev “Chaotic and fractal dynamics by F C Moon37 227–228 (1994)

Issue 3, 1994, volume 37

Reviews of topical problems

A.I. Morozov, A.S. Sigov “Transport phenomena in metals with quantum defects37 229–245 (1994)

L.M. Vasilyak, S.V. Kostyuchenko, N.N. Kudryavtsev, I.V. Filyugin “Fast ionisation waves under electrical breakdown conditions37 247–268 (1994)

V.S. Vavilov “Physics and applications of wide bandgap semiconductors37 269–277 (1994)

From the current literature

S.A. Mayorov, A.N. Tkachev, S.I. Yakovlenko “Metastable supercooled plasma37 279–288 (1994)

Methodological notes

V.I. Vysotskii, V.I. Vorontsov, R.N. Kuz’min, P.A. Bezirganyan, A.G. Rostomyan “The Sagnac experiment with X-radiation37 289–302 (1994)

E.A. Turov “Can the magnetoelectric effect coexist with weak piezomagnetism and ferromagnetism?37 303–310 (1994)

Conferences and symposia

A.B. Shvartsburg “Pulse electrodynamics of anharmonic signals37 311–313 (1994)

M.V. Fok, A.R. Zaritskii, G.A. Zaritskaya, E.V. Perevedentseva “Biophysical kinetics of the transport of oxygen by blood37 313–316 (1994)


E.N. Avrorin, V.A. Belugin, V.S. Bosamykin, R.I. Il’kaev, G.A. Kirillov, V.N. Mikhailov, E.A. Negin, Yu.S. Osipov, Yu.A. Romanov, A.N. Skrinskii, I.D. Sofronov, L.M. Timonin, Yu.A. Trutnev “Yulii Borisovich Khariton (on his 90th birthday)37 317–319 (1994)

A.S. Borovik-Romanov, S.V. Vonsovskii, A.G. Gurevich, A.K. Zvezdin, M.I. Kurkin, G.A. Mesyats, E.G. Rudashevskii, G.G. Taluts, A.P. Tankeev, V.G. Shavrov, V.E. Shcherbinin “Evgenii Akimovich Turov (on his 70th birthday)37 321–322 (1994)

Issue 4, 1994, volume 37

Special issue

V.E. Golant “Ya I Frenkel’ — man, scientist, teacher37 323–323 (1994)

Conferences and symposia

B.P. Zakharchenya “Discovery of excitons37 324–326 (1994)

R.A. Suris “Ya I Frenkel’ on real surfaces of crystals37 326–330 (1994)

V.Ya. Frenkel’ “The work of Ya I Frenkel’ on nuclear physics37 330–334 (1994)

A.I. Slutsker, A.I. Mihailin, I.A. Slutsker “Microscopics of fluctuations of the energy of atoms in solids37 335–344 (1994)

B.V. Vasil’ev, V.L. Lyuboshits “Virial theorem and some properties of the electron gas in metals37 345–351 (1994)

B.V. Vasil’ev, M.I. Kaganov, V.L. Lyuboshits “State of the conduction electrons and the work function of a metal37 353–356 (1994)

R.A. Suris, V.Ya. Frenkel’ “Ya I Frenkel’s studies of the theory of the electric conductivity of metals37 357–373 (1994)

Reviews of topical problems

V.N. Pokrovskii “Low-frequency dynamics of dilute solutions of linear polymers37 375–391 (1994)

A.N. Oraevskii “Spontaneous emission in a cavity37 393–405 (1994)

Instruments and methods of investigation

V.S. Vavilov “Possibilities and limitations of ion implantation in diamond, and comparison with other doping methods37 407–411 (1994)

Methodological notes

A.V. Belinskii “Bell’s paradoxes without the introduction of hidden variables37 413–419 (1994)

Conferences and symposia

S.M. Klotsman “Local structures, and diffusion, dynamic, and electronic properties of interface cores and adjoining regions of crystallites37 421–424 (1994)

Issue 5, 1994, volume 37

Physics of our days

B.B. Kadomtsev “Dynamics and information37 425–499 (1994)

Methodological notes

V.I. Klyatskin “Statistical description of the diffusion of a passive tracer in a random velocity field37 501–513 (1994)

B.M. Bolotovskii, A.V. Serov “Details of the motion of charged nonrelativistic particles in a variable field37 515–516 (1994)

Conferences and symposia

B.M. Smirnov “Long-lived light phenomena in the atmosphere37 517–519 (1994)

A.Yu. Strizhev “Appendix 1: Principles of statistical treatment of data in data banks37 519–520 (1994)

E.W. Bach “Appendix 2: In the steps of St. Elmo37 520–521 (1994)


E.N. Alekseev, G.T. Zatsepin, V.V. Kuz’minov, M.A. Markov, V.A. Matveev, V.M. Novikov, L.B. Okun, V.A. Rubakov, A.A. Smol’nikov, A.E. Chudakov “Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Pomanskii (Obituary)37 521–522 (1994)

K.I. Vinyukov, Yu.I. Gal’perin, T.M. Mulyarchik, B.P. Potapov, A.I. Semenov, V.V. Temnyi, N.I. Fedorova, N.N. Shefov, F.K. Shuiskaya, P.V. Shcheglov “Valer’yan Ivanovich Krasovskii (Obituary)37 523–525 (1994)

Issue 6, 1994, volume 37

Reviews of topical problems

V.I. Alkhimov “Excluded volume effect in statistics of self-avoiding walks37 527–561 (1994)

K.P. Belov “Anomalies of the magnetoresistance of ferrites37 563–575 (1994)

Physics of our days

B.A. Klumov, V.I. Kondaurov, A.V. Konyukhov, Yu.D. Medvedev, A.G. Sokolskii, S.V. Utyuzhnikov, V.E. Fortov “Collision of comet Shoemaker-Levi 9 with Jupiter: what shall we see?37 577–588 (1994)

M. Nagatomo, S. Sasaki, Y. Naruo, V.A. Vanke “Solar power systems (SPS) — investigations at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science of Japan37 589–599 (1994)

Methodological notes

M.I. Krivoruchenko “Transitional currents of spin-1/2 particles37 601–606 (1994)

B.N. Shvilkin “The role of nonquasineutrality in instable plasma oscillations37 607–608 (1994)

From the history of physics

D.G. Yakovlev “The article by Ya I Frenkel’ on ’binding forces’ and the theory of white dwarfs37 609–612 (1994)

Conferences and symposia

V.G. Klochkova, V.E. Panchuk “Lithium and beryllium in the problem of cosmic-matter evolution37 613–615 (1994)

G.M. Beskin, S.N. Mitronova, S.I. Neizvestnyi, V.L. Plokhotnichenko, M.Yu. Popova “Investigations of relativistic and rapidly varying objects with high temporal resolution37 616–618 (1994)

T.V. Shabanova “Discovery of a planetary system around PSR 0329+5437 618–621 (1994)

Issue 7, 1994, volume 37

Reviews of topical problems

B.M. Smirnov “Processes in expanding and condensing gases37 621–657 (1994)

V.Yu. Irkhin, M.I. Katsnel’son “Half-metallic ferromagnets37 659–676 (1994)

S.V. Ivanov, V.Ya. Panchenko “Infrared and microwave spectroscopy of ozone: historical aspects37 677–695 (1994)

Physics of our days

C.M. Will “The binary pulsar, gravitational waves, and the Nobel prize37 697–703 (1994)

From the history of physics

I.P. Bashilov “Georgii L’vovich Shnirman: designer of fast-response instruments37 705–709 (1994)


M.V. Osipenko “Chaotic dynamics and transport in fluids and plasmas edited by I Prigogine37 711–712 (1994)

Yu.L. Klimontovich “Thermodynamics of chaotic systems: An introduction by C Beck, F Schlogel37 713–714 (1994)

Issue 8, 1994, volume 37

Reviews of topical problems

I.M. Dremin “Quantum chromodynamics and multiplicity distributions37 715–736 (1994)

Yu.L. Klimontovich “Nonlinear Brownian motion37 737–766 (1994)

From the history of physics

V.Ya. Frenkel’ “George Gamow: World line 1904-1933 (On the ninetieth anniversary of G A Gamov’s birth)37 767–789 (1994)

A.D. Chernin “Gamow in America: 1934-1968 (On the ninetieth anniversary of G A Gamov’s birth)37 791–801 (1994)

V.Ya. Frenkel’ “Correspondence between G A Gamow and P L Kapitza37 803–811 (1994)

A.D. Chernin “How Gamow calculated the temperature of the background radiation or a few words about the fine art of theoretical physics37 813–820 (1994)

Issue 9, 1994, volume 37

Reviews of topical problems

I.L. Fabelinskii “Spectra of molecular light scattering and some of their applications37 821–858 (1994)

L.I. Manevich, A.V. Savin, V.V. Smirnov, S.N. Volkov “Solitons in nondegenerate bistable systems37 859–879 (1994)

E.P. Emets, A.E. Novoselova, P.P. Poluektov “In situ determination of the fractal dimensions of aerosol particles37 881–887 (1994)

Instruments and methods of investigation

A.A. Vedenov “Computer generated three-dimensional representations of objects37 889–899 (1994)

Methodological notes

M.A. Markov “Can the asymptotic freedom of gravitational interactions violate the energy dominance of classical cosmology?37 901–902 (1994)

From the current literature

B.Z. Katsenelenbaum “The approximability problem of electromagnetic field37 903–913 (1994)

Conferences and symposia

V.B. Shikin “Charges near the free surface of liquid helium: collective effects37 915–917 (1994)

V.M. Pudalov “From the quantum Hall effect to a Wigner crystal37 917–920 (1994)

V.A. Blednov “Geomagnetic component measurements on board of a moving ferromagnetic carrier37 921–925 (1994)

A.V. Eletskii “New directions in the study of fullerenes (International Conference on Fullerenes, San Francisco, May 1994)37 927–929 (1994)


L.S. Azhgirei, V.P. Gerdt, E.P. Zhidkov, R. Poze “Mikhail Grigor’evich Meshcheryakov (Obituary)37 931–932 (1994)

Letters to the editors

M.F. Sarry “Once again about analytical methods of calculating correlation functions in quantum statistical physics37 933–935 (1994)

Issue 10, 1994, volume 37

Reviews of topical problems

V.M. Biryukov, V.I. Kotov, Yu.A. Chesnokov “Steering of high-energy charged-particle beams by bent single crystals37 937–960 (1994)

G.R. Ivanitskii, A.B. Medvinskii, M.A. Tsyganov “From the dynamics of population autowaves generated by living cells to neuroinformatics37 961–989 (1994)

S.M. Troshin, N.E. Tyurin “Spin effects in hard processes with polarised protons37 991–1003 (1994)

V.M. Arutyunyan, S.G. Oganesyan “The stimulated Cherenkov effect37 1005–1039 (1994)


S.P. Sit’ko “A new physics journal37 1041–1043 (1994)

Issue 11, 1994, volume 37

Reviews of topical problems

L.G. Landsberg “Exotic baryons37 1043–1077 (1994)

B.M. Smirnov “Melting of clusters with pair interaction of atoms37 1079–1096 (1994)

D.N. Klyshko “Quantum optics: quantum, classical, and metaphysical aspects37 1097–1122 (1994)

R.F. Trunin “Shock compressibility of condensed materials in strong shock waves generated by underground nuclear explosions37 1123–1145 (1994)

Yu.M. Ado, V.A. Anferov “Acceleration of polarised protons to high energies in synchrotrons37 1147–1155 (1994)

Issue 12, 1994, volume 37

Special issue

B.N. El’tsin “Message from the President of the Russian Federation37 1158–1158 (1994)

A.S. Borovik-Romanov “Life and scientific work of P L Kapitza37 1159–1166 (1994)

E.M. Lifshitz “Petr Leonidovich Kapitza37 1167–1169 (1994)

M.S. Aksenteva “Olli Lounasmaa — the first laureate of the P L Kapitza Gold Medal37 1171–1172 (1994)

From the archive

P.L. Kapitza “Production and use of liquid oxygen37 1173–1178 (1994)

P.L. Kapitza “Reports on scientific activities 1946-195537 1179–1186 (1994)

Conferences and symposia

A.F. Andreev “New quantum states in helium crystals37 1187–1188 (1994)

H.E. Hall “Mechanical experiments in superfluid helium37 1188–1189 (1994)

E.J. Varoquaux “Phase slippage in superfluids37 1189–1191 (1994)

I.A. Fomin “Spin currents in superfluid and normal Fermi liquids37 1191–1192 (1994)

G. Frossati “A fourth-generation cryogenic gravitational antenna37 1192–1197 (1994)

M. Date “Recent progress in high field magnetism37 1197–1206 (1994)

F. Pobell “Acoustic properties of glasses and polycrystals at very low temperatures37 1207–1209 (1994)

J.T. Walraven “The Kapitza leap on the boundary of superfluid 4He and atomic hydrogen gas37 1209–1210 (1994)

G.R. Pickett “Excitations in superfluid 3He37 1210–1211 (1994)

D. Shoenberg “Kapitza in Cambridge and Moscow37 1213–1216 (1994)

A.B. Pippard “Magnetoresistance — the Kapitza legacy37 1216–1218 (1994)

G.G. Lonzarich “Experiments in high magnetic fields and at high pressures37 1218–1219 (1994)

W.F. Castle “Kapitza and cryogenics37 1219–1221 (1994)

W.F. Vinen “Liquid helium-437 1221–1222 (1994)

H.E. Hall “Flow and textures in superfluid 3He-A37 1222–1223 (1994)

A.M. Guenault “Kapitza and Lancaster37 1223–1224 (1994)

S.P. Kapitsa “Speech at Trinity College dinner for the Kapitza Centenary37 1224–1226 (1994)

From the history of physics

M.P. Ryutova “’There is the Scientific Council and the Wednesday seminar. That will do’37 1227–1248 (1994)


M.I. Kaganov “Jubilee publications (on the centenary of P L Kapitza’s birth)37 1249–1252 (1994)

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