Reviews of topical problems

V.I. Alkhimov “Excluded volume effect in statistics of self-avoiding walks37 527–561 (1994)

K.P. Belov “Anomalies of the magnetoresistance of ferrites37 563–575 (1994)

Physics of our days

B.A. Klumov, V.I. Kondaurov, A.V. Konyukhov, Yu.D. Medvedev, A.G. Sokolskii, S.V. Utyuzhnikov, V.E. Fortov “Collision of comet Shoemaker-Levi 9 with Jupiter: what shall we see?37 577–588 (1994)

M. Nagatomo, S. Sasaki, Y. Naruo, V.A. Vanke “Solar power systems (SPS) — investigations at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science of Japan37 589–599 (1994)

Methodological notes

M.I. Krivoruchenko “Transitional currents of spin-1/2 particles37 601–606 (1994)

B.N. Shvilkin “The role of nonquasineutrality in instable plasma oscillations37 607–608 (1994)

From the history of physics

D.G. Yakovlev “The article by Ya I Frenkel’ on ’binding forces’ and the theory of white dwarfs37 609–612 (1994)

Conferences and symposia

V.G. Klochkova, V.E. Panchuk “Lithium and beryllium in the problem of cosmic-matter evolution37 613–615 (1994)

G.M. Beskin, S.N. Mitronova, S.I. Neizvestnyi, V.L. Plokhotnichenko, M.Yu. Popova “Investigations of relativistic and rapidly varying objects with high temporal resolution37 616–618 (1994)

T.V. Shabanova “Discovery of a planetary system around PSR 0329+5437 618–621 (1994)

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