Reviews of topical problems

A.Yu. Morozov “Integrability and matrix models37 1–55 (1994)

Physics of our days

M.A. Markov “Possible existence of asymptotic freedom of gravitational interactions in nature37 57–68 (1994)

From the current literature

M.Yu. Kagan “Fermi-gas approach to the problem of superfluidity in three- and two- dimensional solutions of 3He in 4He37 69–79 (1994)

Instruments and methods of investigation

Yu.I. Vorontsov “Standard quantum limits of measurement error and methods of overcoming them37 81–96 (1994)

From the history of physics

Yu.A. Lyubimov “George Green: his life and works (on the occasion of the bicentenary of his birthday)37 97–109 (1994)

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