Issue 1, 1996, volume 39

Reviews of topical problems

F.Kh. Mirzoev, V.Ya. Panchenko, L.A. Shelepin “Laser control processes in solids39 1–29 (1996)

A.A. Rempel’ “Atomic and vacancy ordering in nonstoichiometric carbides39 31–56 (1996)

Topical problems

S.P. Kapitsa “The phenomenological theory of world population growth39 57–71 (1996)

Methodological notes

A.A. Logunov, M.A. Mestvirishvili, Yu.V. Chugreev “On incorrect formulations of the equivalence principle39 73–79 (1996)

V.L. Ginzburg, Yu.N. Eroshenko “Comments on the paper by A A Logunov et al.39 81–82 (1996)

N.V. Evdokimov, D.N. Klyshko, V.P. Komolov, V.A. Yarochkin “Bell’s inequalities and EPR-Bohm correlations: working classical radiofrequency model39 83–98 (1996)


A.F. Andreev, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.F. Gantmakher, L.P. Gor’kov, V.V. Kveder, L.V. Keldysh, Yu.A. Osip’yan, V.V. Ryazanov, V.E. Fortov “Igor’ Fomich Shchegolev (Obituary)39 99–100 (1996)

A.M. Baldin, V.P. Dzhelepov, V.G. Kadyshevskii, V.A. Karnaukhov, Yu.T. Oganessyan “In memory of Sergei Mikhailovich Polikanov39 101–102 (1996)

Issue 2, 1996, volume 39

Reviews of topical problems

V.N. Tsytovich, R. Bingham, U. de Angelis, A. Forlani “Collective plasma processes in the solar interior and the problem of the solar neutrinos deficit39 103–128 (1996)

Yu.A. Kravtsov, O.N. Naida, A.A. Fuki “Waves in weakly anisotropic 3D inhomogeneous media: quasi-isotropic approximation of geometrical optics39 129–154 (1996)

Methodological notes

V.L. Ginzburg “Cosmic ray astrophysics (history and general review)39 155–168 (1996)

V.I. Bodnarchuk, L.S. Davtyan, D.A. Korneev “Geometrical phase effects in neutron optics39 169–177 (1996)

From the history of physics

Yu.A. Romanov “A Memoir of the Teacher39 179–183 (1996)

Yu.B. Khariton, V.B. Adamskii, Yu.N. Smirnov “On the making of the Soviet hydrogen (thermonuclear) bomb39 185–189 (1996)

Conferences and symposia

K.M. Salikhov, Yu.E. Kandrashkin “Spin coherence effects in the EPR spectroscopy of separated charges in a photosynthesis reaction centre39 191–193 (1996)

A.A. Bukharaev “Scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscopy of surfaces modified by ion and laser beams39 193–196 (1996)

V.E. Kataev, Yu.S. Greznev, B.Z. Rameev, E.F. Kukovitskii, G.B. Teitel’baum, M. Breuer, N. Knauf “An EPR study of the density of states and effective coupling constant in La2CuO4 doped with Sr or Ba39 197–199 (1996)


V.E. Balakin, L.M. Barkov, S.T. Belyaev, N.S. Dikanskii, G.I. Dimov, E.P. Kruglyakov, I.N. Meshkov, D.D. Ryutov, V.A. Sidorov, B.V. Chirikov “Aleksandr Nikolaevich Skrinskii (on his 60th birthday)39 201–202 (1996)


V.I. Sanyuk “Topology of gauge fields and condensed matter by M Monastyrsky39 203–204 (1996)

B.Z. Katsenelenbaum “The theory of diffraction. SHF electronics by L A Weinstein39 205–205 (1996)

V.S. Letokhov “Femtochemistry edited by J Manz, L Wöste39 206–207 (1996)

M.I. Kaganov “History of science and science live39 208–209 (1996)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)39 210–210 (1996)

Issue 3, 1996, volume 39

Reviews of topical problems

B.M. Smirnov, A.S. Yatsenko “Properties of dimers39 211–230 (1996)

V.L. Kuz’min, V.P. Romanov “Coherent phenomena in light scattering from disordered systems39 231–260 (1996)

V.L. Ermolaev, E.B. Sveshnikova, E.N. Bodunov “Inductive-resonant mechanism of nonradiative transitions in ions and molecules in condensed phase39 261–282 (1996)

V.K. Ignatovich “Ultracold neutrons — discovery and research39 283–304 (1996)

Methodological notes

V.A. Davydov, V.G. Morozov “Galilean transformations and evolution of autowave fronts in external fields39 305–311 (1996)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)39 312–312 (1996)

Issue 4, 1996, volume 39

Reviews of topical problems

Yu.A. Simonov “The confinement39 313–336 (1996)

H.D. Abarbanel, M.I. Rabinovich, A. Selverston, M.V. Bazhenov, R. Huerta, M.M. Sushchik, L.L. Rubchinskii “Synchronisation in neural networks39 337–362 (1996)

Physics of our days

V.E. Fortov, Yu.N. Gnedin, M.F. Ivanov, A.V. Ivlev, B.A. Klumov “Collision of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter: what did we see39 363–392 (1996)

Conferences and symposia

N.N. Ledentsov, V.M. Ustinov, S.V. Ivanov, B.Ya. Mel’tser, M.V. Maksimov, P.S. Kop’ev, D. Bimberg, Zh.I. Alferov “Ordered quantum-dot arrays in semiconducting matrices39 393–398 (1996)

V.T. Dolgopolov “Percolation metal-dielectric transitions in two-dimensional electron systems39 398–401 (1996)

V.S. Dneprovskii “Nonlinear optical properties of semiconducting quantum wires and dots39 401–403 (1996)

S.N. Artemenko, A.F. Volkov, S.V. Zaitsev-Zotov “Quasi-one-dimensional conductors with a charge density wave39 403–407 (1996)

V.V. Dobrovitskii, A.K. Zvezdin, A.F. Popkov “Giant magnetoresistance, spin-reorientation transitions, and macroscopic quantum phenomena in magnetic nanostructures39 407–414 (1996)

V.I. Belyavskii, Yu.V. Kopaev, N.V. Kornyakov “Controlled modulation of the binding energy of impurity states in a quantum-well system39 415–416 (1996)

Issue 5, 1996, volume 39

Special issue

On the 75th Anniversary of Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov’s birth39 417–418 (1996)

B.B. Kadomtsev “From MTR to ITER39 419–427 (1996)

B.L. Al’tshuler, A.O. Barvinskii “Quantum cosmology and physics of transitions with a change of the spacetime signature39 429–459 (1996)

V.A. Rubakov, M.E. Shaposhnikov “Electroweak baryon number non-conservation in the early Universe and in high-energy collisions39 461–502 (1996)

M.I. Vysotskii, V.A. Novikov, L.B. Okun, A.N. Rozanov “Electroweak radiative corrections in Z-boson decays39 503–538 (1996)

From the history of physics

L.V. Al’tshuler, R.F. Trunin, K.K. Krupnikov, N.V. Panov “Explosive laboratory devices for shock wave compression studies39 539–544 (1996)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)39 545–545 (1996)

Issue 6, 1996, volume 39

Reviews of topical problems

V.D. Buchel’nikov, N.K. Dan’shin, L.T. Tsymbal, V.G. Shavrov “Magnetoacoustics of rare-earth orthoferrites39 547–572 (1996)

D.N. Klyshko “The nonclassical light39 573–596 (1996)

A.I. Osipov, A.V. Uvarov “Stability problems in a nonequilibrium gas39 597–608 (1996)

Physics of our days

B.B. Kadomtsev, M.B. Kadomtsev “The collapses of wave functions39 609–616 (1996)

Methodological notes

G. Oppen “Objects and environment39 617–622 (1996)

From the current literature

K.P. Belov “Ferrimagnets with a ’weak’ magnetic sublattice39 623–634 (1996)

Conferences and symposia

K.V. Kovalenko, S.V. Krivokhizha, I.L. Fabelinskii, L.L. Chaikov “Some features of phase transitions in solutions with two critical points39 635–637 (1996)

E.L. Nagaev, V.V. Osipov, A.A. Samokhvalov “Cooperative electric phenomena in degenerate magnetic semiconductors with spontaneous phase separation39 637–639 (1996)

L.A. Khalfin “The quantum theory of wave packet scattering, the causality principle, and superlight tunnelling39 639–642 (1996)


A.F. Andreev, S.P. Bugaev, S.V. Vonsovskii, A.V. Gaponov-Grekhov, L.V. Keldysh, B.M. Koval’chuk, Yu.A. Kotov, A.M. Prokhorov, M.V. Sadovskii, V.E. Fortov “Gennadii Andreevich Mesyats (on his sixtieth birthday)39 643–644 (1996)

E.B. Aleksandrov, Zh.I. Alferov, N.G. Basov, F.V. Bunkin, O.N. Krokhin, B.A. Mamyrin, M.M. Miroshnikov, V.V. Osiko, P.P. Pashinin, G.T. Petrovskii, A.M. Prokhorov, V.M. Tuchkevich “Aleksei Mikhailovich Bonch-Bruevich (on his eightieth birthday)39 645–646 (1996)

A.F. Andreev, F.V. Bunkin, V.L. Ginzburg, A.A. Gonchar, V.E. Zakharov, V.V. Zheleznyakov, L.V. Keldysh, A.G. Litvak, G.A. Mesyats, M.A. Miller, V.I. Talanov, Ya.I. Khanin “Andrei Viktorovich Gaponov-Grekhov (on his seventieth birthday)39 647–649 (1996)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)39 650–650 (1996)

Issue 7, 1996, volume 39

Reviews of topical problems

A.I. Olemskoi “Self-consistent theory of localization within site and wave approaches39 651–668 (1996)

V.D. Lakhno “Spin wave amplification in magnetically ordered crystals39 669–693 (1996)

B.I. Luchkov, I.G. Mitrofanov, I.L. Rozental’ “On the nature of cosmic gamma-ray bursts39 695–711 (1996)

V.S. Grechishkin, A.A. Shpilevoi “Indirect methods for studying nuclear quadrupole interactions in solids39 713–725 (1996)

Physics of our days

H. Walther “One-atom maser and other experiments on cavity quantum electrodynamics39 727–743 (1996)

Methodological notes

A.B. Brailovskii, V.L. Vaks, V.V. Mityugov “Quantum models of relaxation39 745–750 (1996)

Conferences and symposia

L.V. Butov, A. Zrenner, M. Hagn, G. Abstreiter, G. Boehm, G. Weimann “Evidence for condensation of excitons in double quantum wells39 751–753 (1996)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)39 754–754 (1996)


Zh.I. Alferov, A.F. Andreev, N.G. Basov, E.P. Velikhov, B.B. Kadomtsev, L.V. Keldysh, G.A. Mesyats, V.V. Migulin, Yu.S. Osipov “Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov (on his eightieth birthday)39 755–756 (1996)


V.S. Vavilov “Handbook on the physical properties of Ge, Si, GaAs and InP byA Dargys and J Kundrotas39 757–757 (1996)

Issue 8, 1996, volume 39

Reviews of topical problems

A.M. Cherepashchuk “Masses of black holes in binary stellar systems39 759–780 (1996)

E.L. Nagaev “Lanthanum manganites and other giant-magnetoresistance magnetic conductors39 781–805 (1996)

V.I. Petrov “Cathodoluminescence microscopy39 807–818 (1996)

Physics of our days

V.A. Avetisov, V.I. Gol’danskii “Physical aspects of mirror symmetry breaking of the bioorganic world39 819–835 (1996)

From the current literature

V.V. Brazhkin, A.G. Lyapin “Transformations of C60 fullerite under high-pressure high-temperature conditions39 837–840 (1996)

Conferences and symposia

M.V. Feigel’man “Seminar in the P L Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems of the Russian Academy of Science ’Mesoscopic and strongly correlated systems’ (23 and 25 April 1996)39 841–849 (1996)

Yu.V. Dubrovskii, V.G. Popov, E.E. Vdovin, Yu.N. Khanin, I.A. Larkin, T.G. Andersson, J. Tordson, J.C. Portal, D.K. Maude “Tunnelling resonances in a single-barrier heterostructure39 842–842 (1996)

V.D. Kulakovskii “Correlation effects in an electron-hole quantum-well magnetoplasma39 842–842 (1996)

V.E. Kravtsov “Wave function multifractality and energy level statistics near the Anderson transition39 842–843 (1996)

G.B. Lesovik, A.L. Fauchere, J. Blatter “Scattering matrix description of nonlinear transport in NS contacts39 843–843 (1996)

A.Yu. Kitaev “Quantum calculations39 843–844 (1996)

G.Yu. Logvenov, V.A. Oboznov, V.V. Ryazanov, A.V. Ustinov “Vortex dynamics in one- and two-dimensional discrete Josephson structures39 844–844 (1996)

E.S. Soldatov, A.S. Trifonov, V.V. Khanin, S.P. Gubin, S.A. Yakovenko, G.V. Khomutov “Correlated electron tunnelling in a tunnelling cluster structure39 844–844 (1996)

V.F. Gantmakher, M.V. Golubkov, V.N. Zverev “Superconducting response in highly resistive materials39 845–845 (1996)

V.N. Zverev, V.F. Gantmakher, V.M. Teplinskii “Scaling relations in three-dimensional disordered superconductors39 845–845 (1996)

S.I. Dorozhkin “Magnetotransport and magnetocapacitance of two-dimensional electronic systems in strong magnetic fields; the integer and fractional quantum Hall effects, and the insulating state39 845–846 (1996)

L.V. Butov “Exciton condensation in double quantum wells39 846–846 (1996)

A.F. Volkov “Phase coherence effects in mesoscopic superconductor-normal metal structures39 846–846 (1996)

V.A. Kashurnikov, A.I. Podlivaev, N.V. Prokof’ev, B.V. Svistunov “Supercurrent states in finite one-dimensional rings39 847–847 (1996)

M.A. Skvortsov, M.V. Feigel’man “Low-temperature vortex dynamics in layered superconductors: one more example of parametric level statistics39 847–847 (1996)

L.S. Levitov, A.V. Shitov “Coulomb anomaly of tunnelling into a poor conductor39 847–847 (1996)

D.E. Presnov, V.A. Krupenin, S.V. Lotkhov “Single-electron structures of supersmall Al/AlOx/Al tunnelling junctions: manufacturing techniques and experimental results39 847–848 (1996)

J. Delft, D.S. Golubev, W. Tichy, A.D. Zaikin “The parity effect in small superconducting granules39 848–848 (1996)

I.M. Suslov “Density of states near the localization threshold39 848–849 (1996)


G.B. Bokii, S.V. Vonsovskii, I.I. Vorovich, Yu.A. Zhdanov, V.I. Nefedov “In memory of Mikhail Arnol’dovich Blokhin39 851–852 (1996)

E.B. Aleksandrov, Zh.I. Alferov, P.A. Apanasevich, A.M. Bonch-Bruevich, N.A. Borisevich, V.S. Burakov, V.I. Gol’danskii, A.P. Voitovich, L.A. Gribov, O.M. Martynenko, L.Ya. Min’ko, L.M. Tomil’chik, A.F. Chernyavskii “In memory of Mikhail Aleksandrovich El’yashevich39 853–854 (1996)

V.P. Akulov, A.I. Akhiezer, A.M. Baldin, V.G. Bar’yakhtar, A.A. Zheltukhin, L.B. Okun, S.V. Peletminskii, V.A. Soroka, D.P. Sorokin, K.N. Stepanov, L.D. Faddeev, Ya.B. Fainberg, P.I. Fomin, D.V. Shirkov “In memory of Dmitrii Vasil’evich Volkov39 855–857 (1996)

S.I. Anisimov, S.A. Bulgadaev, G.E. Volovik, V.E. Zakharov, A.I. Larkin, V.P. Mineev, Yu.N. Ovchinnikov, Yu.A. Osip’yan, L.P. Pitaevskii, L.A. Falkovsky, I.M. Khalatnikov “In memory of Vladimir Ivanovich Mel’nikov39 859–860 (1996)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)39 861–862 (1996)

Issue 9, 1996, volume 39

Special issue

V.G. Kadyshevskii “Forty years of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research39 863–868 (1996)

R. Voss “The quark-spin structure of the nucleon: 20 years of JINR-CERN collaboration39 869–883 (1996)

A. Sobiczewski “Present view of stability of heavy and superheavy nuclei39 885–889 (1996)

Yu.G. Abov “Coherent processes in nuclei and crystals39 891–896 (1996)

V.L. Aksenov, A.M. Balagurov “Neutron time-of-flight diffractometry39 897–924 (1996)

Physics of our days

Yu.A. Mostovoi, K.N. Mukhin, O.O. Patarakin “The neutron yesterday, today, and tomorrow39 925–958 (1996)

Conferences and symposia

A.L. Buchachenko, V.N. Oraevskii, O.A. Pokhotelov, V.M. Sorokin, V.N. Strakhov, V.M. Chmyrev “Ionospheric precursors to earthquakes39 959–965 (1996)


A.M. Baldin, A.S. Gal’perin, E.A. Ivanov, V.G. Kadyshevskii, L.V. Keldysh, D.A. Kirzhnits, B.M. Zupnik, E.S. Sokachev, E.L. Feinberg, E.S. Fradkin, D.V. Shirkov “In memory of Viktor Isaakovich Ogievetskii39 967–968 (1996)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)39 969–970 (1996)

Issue 10, 1996, volume 39

From the ediorial board

M.S. Aksenteva “The Editorial Board congratulates Vitalii Lazarevich Ginzburg on winning the MV Lomonosov Great Gold Medal39 971–972 (1996)

Special issue

V.L. Ginzburg “Radiation by uniformly moving sources (Vavilov-Cherenkov effect, transition radiation, and other phenomena)39 973–982 (1996)

Reviews of topical problems

A.I. Vesnitskii, A.V. Metrikin “Transition radiation in mechanics39 983–1007 (1996)

A.G. Fokin “Macroscopic conductivity of random inhomogeneous media. Calculation methods39 1009–1032 (1996)

From the history of physics

G.A. Goncharov “American and Soviet H-bomb development programmes: historical background39 1033–1044 (1996)

Methodological notes

G.A. Martynov “Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, transport equations, and the second law of thermodynamics39 1045–1070 (1996)

A.Yu. Andreev, D.A. Kirzhnits “Tachyons and the instability of physical systems39 1071–1076 (1996)


A.F. Andreev, B.M. Bolotovskii, A.V. Gurevich, V.V. Zheleznyakov, N.S. Kardashev, L.V. Keldysh, D.A. Kirzhnits, O.N. Krokhin, V.I. Ritus, V.Ya. Fainberg, E.L. Feinberg, E.S. Fradkin “Vitalii Lazarevich Ginzburg (on his eightieth birthday)39 1077–1079 (1996)

A.F. Andreev, B.M. Bolotovskii, V.L. Ginzburg, G.F. Zharkov, N.S. Kardashev, L.V. Keldysh, A.D. Linde, V.I. Ritus, V.Ya. Fainberg, E.L. Feinberg, E.S. Fradkin “David Abramovich Kirzhnits (on his seventieth birthday)39 1081–1082 (1996)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)39 1083–1083 (1996)

Issue 11, 1996, volume 39

Reviews of topical problems

N.M. Astaf’eva “Wavelet analysis: basic theory and some applications39 1085–1108 (1996)

A.A. Maier “Experimental observation of the optical self-switching of unidirectional distributively coupled waves39 1109–1135 (1996)

A.V. Eletskii, B.M. Smirnov “Nonuniform gas discharge plasma39 1137–1156 (1996)

V.P. Tychinskii “Microscopy of subwavelength structures39 1157–1167 (1996)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)39 1168–1168 (1996)

Methodological notes

Yu.L. Klimontovich “Relative ordering criteria in open systems39 1169–1179 (1996)

K.A. Barsukov, V.N. Popov “On superluminal light spots39 1181–1188 (1996)

A.K. Pudovkin “Ball lightning in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok39 1189–1190 (1996)


S.I. Vorob’ev, A.A. Deev, B.B. Kadomtsev, A.B. Medvinskii, M.A. Tsyganov, L.M. Chailakyan, S.E. Shnoll “Genrikh Romanovich Ivanitskii (on his sixtieth birthday)39 1191–1192 (1996)

Issue 12, 1996, volume 39

Reviews of topical problems

L.T. Adzhemyan, N.V. Antonov, A.N. Vasil’ev “Quantum field renormalization group in the theory of fully developed turbulence39 1193–1219 (1996)

A.G. Kyurkchan, B.Yu. Sternin, V.E. Shatalov “Singularities of continuation of wave fields39 1221–1242 (1996)

V.P. Kandidov “Monte Carlo method in nonlinear statistical optics39 1243–1272 (1996)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)39 1273–1273 (1996)


V.L. Ginzburg, Yu.N. Eroshenko “Paper by V L Ginzburg and Yu N Eroshenko ’Once again about the equivalence principle’ [Physics-Uspekhi, February 1995, 38 (2) 195-201]39 1275–1275 (1996)

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