PACS numbers

68.49.Sf Ion scattering from surfaces (charge transfer, sputtering, SIMS)
  1. A.E. Ieshkin, A.B. Tolstoguzov et alGas-dynamic sources of cluster ions for basic and applied research65 677–705 (2022)
    29.25.Ni, 36.40.−c, 41.75.−i, 68.49.Sf (all)
  2. I.A. Baranov, Yu.V. Martynenko et alInelastic sputtering of solids by ions31 1015–1034 (1988)
  3. Ya.M. Fogel’ “Secondary ion emission10 17–39 (1967)
    68.49.Sf, 79.20.Rf (all)
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