PACS numbers

34.50.Bw Energy loss and stopping power
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    33.15.Ta, 33.50.Dq, 34.50.Bw, 34.50.Gb (all)
  2. V.V. Baranov, N.A. Generalov et alVladas Bronislovo Leonas (Obituary)36 (2) 102–103 (1993)
    01.60.+q, 34.50.Bw (all)
  3. S.Z. Belen’kii, I.P. Ivanenko “Cascade theory of showers2 912–957 (1960)
    34.50.Dy, 32.80.Cy, 34.50.Bw, 31.15.Bs (all)
  4. Ya.M. Fogel’ “The production of negative ions in atomic collisions3 390–416 (1960)
    34.50.Dy, 34.50.Bw, 34.70.+e (all)
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