PACS numbers

34.50.Gb Electronic excitation and ionization of molecules
  1. A.V. Kukhta, S.M. Kazakov “Spectroscopy of the interaction of a low-energy electron beam with organic luminescent molecules66 173–181 (2023)
    33.15.Ta, 33.50.Dq, 34.50.Bw, 34.50.Gb (all)
  2. G.N. Gerasimov “Optical spectra of binary rare-gas mixtures47 149–168 (2004)
    33.20.Ni, 34.20.−b, 34.50.Gb (all)
  3. B.G. Krakov, E.S. Parilis “Quasimolecules32 251–270 (1989)
    34.50.Gb, 31.15.Bs, 36.10.Gv (all)
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