Toshio Sakurai

Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
Address: 2-1-1 Katahira, Sendai, 980-77, Japan


  1. R.Z. Bakhtizin, Q.-Zh. Xue, Q.-K. Xue et alScanning tunneling microscopy studies of III-nitride thin film heteroepitaxial growth47 371–391 (2004)
  2. R.Z. Bakhtizin, T. Hashizume, Q.-K. Xue, T. Sakurai “Atomic structures on a GaAs(001) surface grown by molecular beam epitaxy40 1175–1187 (1997)
  3. R.Z. Bakhtizin, T. Hashizume, Sh. Wang, T. Sakurai “Scanning tunneling microscopy of fullerenes on metal and semiconductor surfaces40 275–290 (1997)

See also: R.Z. Bakhtizin, Q.-K. Xue, T. Hashizume, Q.-Zh. Xue, K.-H. Wu, Sh. Wang

PACS: 61.14.Hg, 71.15.Nc, 81.05.Ea, 61.16.Di, 68.55.Bd, 68.35.Bs, 61.16.Ch, 61.46.+w, 68.65.+g

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