B.F. Gordiets


  1. B.F. Gordiets, V.Ya. Panchenko “Gas lasers with solar excitation29 703–719 (1986)
  2. B.F. Gordiets, A.I. Osipov, E.V. Stupochenko, L.A. Shelepin “Vibrational relaxation in gases and molecular lasers15 759–785 (1973)

See also: E.V. Stupochenko, V.Ya. Panchenko, B.M. Smirnov, L.A. Shelepin, A.I. Osipov, N.G. Basov, O.A. Shustin, N.N. Sobolev, V.A. Danilychev, I.A. Yakovlev

PACS: 42.55.Lt, 42.60.Jf, 92.60.Vb, 33.80.Gj, 33.80.Be, 33.15.Mt, 33.80.-b, 51.10.+y, 82.30.Lp

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