E.V. Stupochenko


  1. B.F. Gordiets, A.I. Osipov, E.V. Stupochenko, L.A. Shelepin “Vibrational relaxation in gases and molecular lasers15 759–785 (1973)
  2. A.I. Osipov, E.V. Stupochenko “Non-equilibrium energy distributions over the vibrational degrees of freedom in gases6 47–66 (1963)

See also: A.I. Osipov, B.F. Gordiets, L.A. Shelepin, B.M. Smirnov, A.I. Osipov, E.V. Shpol’skii, M.A. El’yashevich

PACS: 33.15.Mt, 51.10.+y, 33.80.-b, 82.30.Lp, 33.20.Tp, 33.15.Hp, 34.20.Gj

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