Reviews of topical problems

Orientational order in polymer surface layers

 a,  b
a St. Petersburg State University, Universitetskaya naberezhnaya, 7 - 9, St. Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation
b State Research Institute for Highly Pure Biomaterials, ul. Pudozhskaya 7, St. Petersburg, 197110, Russian Federation

The most important data from birefringence measurements on the structure, optical anisotropy, and formation kinetics of polymer surface layers are reviewed.

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Fulltext is also available at DOI: 10.1070/PU1997v040n03ABEH000210
PACS: 36.20.−r, 68.65.+g, 78.20.Fm, 78.66.−w (all)
DOI: 10.1070/PU1997v040n03ABEH000210
Citation: Grishchenko A E, Cherkasov A N "Orientational order in polymer surface layers" Phys. Usp. 40 257–272 (1997)
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Оригинал: Грищенко А Е, Черкасов А Н «Ориентационный порядок в поверхностных слоях полимерных материалов» УФН 167 269–285 (1997); DOI: 10.3367/UFNr.0167.199703b.0269

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