Issue 1, 1978, volume 21

Reviews of topical problems

A.K. Likhoded, P.V. Shlyapnikov “Multi-particle and inclusive reactions21 1–28 (1978)

Yu.V. Gulyaev, V.V. Proklov, G.N. Shkerdin “Diffraction of light by sound in solids21 29–57 (1978)

A.P. Kazantsev “Resonance light pressure21 58–76 (1978)

From the current literature

V.N. Bogomolov “Liquids in ultrathin channels (Filament and cluster crystals)21 77–83 (1978)

Meetings and conferences

N.V. Karlov “Laser Separation of Isotopes21 84–85 (1978)

V.V. Smirnov “Coherent Raman Spectroscopy of Gases21 85–86 (1978)

V.V. Korobkin, B.M. Stepanov, S.D. Fanchenko, M.Ya. Shchelev “Pico-femtosecond Electron-optical Photography21 86–87 (1978)

A.A. Kolomenskii “Collective Methods for the Acceleration of Particles21 87–89 (1978)

V.P. Sarantsev “Acceleration of Ions in Electron Storage Rings21 89–90 (1978)


N.N. Bogolyubov, B.B. Kadomtsev, A.A. Logunov, M.A. Markov “Dmitrii Ivanovich Blokhintsev (on his 70th birthday)21 91–94 (1978)

Issue 2, 1978, volume 21

Reviews of topical problems

E.E. Nikitin, B.M. Smirnov “Quasiresonant processes in slow collisions21 95–116 (1978)

I.A. Smirnov, V.S. Oskotskii “Semiconductor-metal phase transition in rare-earth semiconductors (samarium monochalcogenides)21 117–140 (1978)

O.I. Sumbaev “Shift of K x-ray lines associated with valency change and with isomorphous phase transitions in rare earths21 141–154 (1978)

Physics of our days

V.L. Ginzburg “The origin of cosmic rays (past, present, future)21 155–170 (1978)

From the history of physics

V.I. Pavlov “On discussions concerning the problem of ponderomotive forces21 171–173 (1978)


R.G. Arkhipov, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, B.K. Vainshtein, E.S. Itskevich, P.L. Kapitsa, Yu.S. Konyaev, G.V. Kurdyumov, A.M. Prokhorov, E.N. Yakovlev “Leonid Fedorovich Vereshchagin (Obituary)21 174–176 (1978)

S.A. Akhmanov, N.G. Basov, É.S. Voronin, A.V. Gaponov, B.B. Kadomtsev, L.V. Keldysh, A.A. Logunov, V.V. Migulin, A.M. Prokhorov, S.M. Rytov, M.F. Stel’makh, I.M. Ternov, V.S. Fursov, I.A. Yakovlev “Rem Viktorovich Khokhlov (Obituary)21 176–179 (1978)

R.A. Aronov, T.N. Bolotnikova, B.M. Bolotovskii, V.L. Ginzburg, L.V. Iogansen, S.G. Suvorov “Vladimir Aleksandrovich Ugarov (Obituary)21 180–181 (1978)

Letters to the editors

G.A. Askar’yan “On selective collisionless excitation and dissociation of molecules by intense infrared light (with reference to review articles in Usp. Fiz. Nauk)21 182–182 (1978)

E.M. Belenov, V.A. Isakov, E.P. Markin, A.N. Oraevskii “Reply to the letter of G. A. Askar’yan21 183–183 (1978)

N.V. Karlov, A.M. Prokhorov “Concerning the letter of G. A. Askar’yan ’On selective collisionless excitation and dissociation of molecules by intense infrared light’21 183–183 (1978)

Issue 3, 1978, volume 21

Reviews of topical problems

P.F. Ermolov, A.I. Mukhin “Neutrino experiments at high energies21 185–214 (1978)

S.M. Polikanov, D. Chultem “Excitation of high-spin states during negative-pion absorption by atomic nuclei21 215–222 (1978)

S.S. Gershtein “On the probability of excitation of high-spin states in the capture of π--mesons by nuclei21 223–224 (1978)

Ya.I. Azimov, L.L. Frankfurt, V.A. Khoze “New particle in e+e-annihilation: the heavy lepton τ±21 225–239 (1978)

A.A. Slavnov “Supersymmetric gauge theories and their possible applications to the weak and electromagnetic interactions21 240–251 (1978)

Physics of our days

L. Van Hove “Hadrons and quarks in high energy collisions21 252–264 (1978)

I.M. Dremin, C. Quigg “Clusters in hadron multiple production processes21 265–271 (1978)

From the history of physics

B.B. Kadomtsev, V.I. Kogan, B.M. Smirnov, V.D. Shafranov “On the fiftieth anniversary of the paper by M. A. Leontovich and L. I. Mandel’shtam (’On the theory of the Schrödinger equation’)21 272–273 (1978)


A.P. Alexandrov, E.P. Velikhov, B.B. Kadomtsev, V.A. Legasov “Isaak Konstantinovich Kikoin (on his seventieth birthday)21 274–276 (1978)

Issue 4, 1978, volume 21

Reviews of topical problems

G.I. Budker, A.N. Skrinskii “Electron cooling and new possibilities in elementary particle physics21 277–296 (1978)

I.K. Kikoin, S.D. Lazarev “Photoelectromagnetic effect21 297–308 (1978)

N.B. Delone, V.P. Krainov “Resonance interaction of intense light with atoms21 309–327 (1978)

Physics of our days

U. Amaldi “How protons are seen by high energy hadrons21 328–344 (1978)

Methodological notes

M.I. Shirokov “Signal velocity in quantum electrodynamics21 345–358 (1978)

L.A. Gribov, A.N. Gornostaev “A simple demonstration of Newton’s laws21 359–360 (1978)

G.S. Egorov, V.A. Myakishev, N.S. Stepanov “Some lecture domonstrations on the statistical properties of wave fields21 361–364 (1978)

Meetings and conferences

V.A. Udal’sov, A.V. Pynzar’, A.P. Glushak “Radio-Astronomical Studies of the Pulsar/Supernova Remnant Problem21 365–366 (1978)

Yu.P. Ochelkov, V.V. Usov, A.I. Tsygan “The Nature of Pulsar Radio Emission21 367–367 (1978)

L.M. Ozernoi, V.V. Usov “The Origin of the High-Frequency (Optical, X-Ray, and Gamma-) Radiation of Pulsars21 367–368 (1978)


A.P. Aleksandrov, L.M. Barkov, S.T. Belyaev, Ya.B. Zel’dovich, B.B. Kadomtsev, A.A. Logunov, M.A. Markov, D.D. Ryutov, V.A. Sidorov, A.N. Skrinskii, B.V. Chirikov “Academician Gersh Itskovich Budker (obituary)21 369–372 (1978)

Issue 5, 1978, volume 21

Special issue

A.M. Prokhorov, M.A. Markov “To the Editorial Staff of the journal ’Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk’21 373–373 (1978)

From the editors21 374–375 (1978)


B.V. Deryagin “Petr Petrovich Lazarev (on the one-hundredth anniversary of his birth)21 376–380 (1978)

Reviews of topical problems

V.L. Ginzburg, G.F. Zharkov “Thermoelectric effects in superconductors21 381–404 (1978)

V.S. Letokhov “Selective action of laser radiation on matter21 405–428 (1978)

A.S. Monin “On the nature of turbulence21 429–442 (1978)

M.I. Rabinovich “Stochastic self-oscillations and turbulence21 443–469 (1978)

Physics of our days

D.A. Kirzhnits “Superconductivity and elementary particles21 470–486 (1978)

Issue 6, 1978, volume 21

Reviews of topical problems

S.A. Pikin, V.L. Indenbom “Thermodynamic states and symmetry of liquid crystals21 487–501 (1978)

A.V. Eletskii “Excimer lasers21 502–521 (1978)

From the current literature

B.M. Smirnov “Inert-gas crystals with imbedded impurities21 522–534 (1978)

Meetings and conferences

E.A. Grebenikov, Yu.A. Ryabov “Problems of the dynamical evolution of planetary systems21 535–536 (1978)

A.M. Fridman “Origin of the spiral structure of galaxies21 536–538 (1978)

A.S. Borovik-Romanov, N.M. Kreines, V.G. Zhotikov “Scattering of light by thermal and UHF excited magnons in antiferromagnetic substances21 538–539 (1978)

V.G. Zinov, A.D. Konin, A.I. Mukhin “X-ray spectra of negative muons in chemical compounds21 539–540 (1978)

A.F. Andreev “Magnetic properties of disordered media21 541–542 (1978)

E.P. Bashkin, A.E. Meierovich “He3-He II solutions in a magnetic field21 542–543 (1978)


A.M. Baldin, A.A. Komar “Moiseĭ Aleksandrovich Markov (on his seventieth birthday)21 544–548 (1978)

Issue 7, 1978, volume 21

Reviews of topical problems

A.M. Dykhne, G.L. Yudin “’Jarring’ of a quantum system and the corresponding stimulated transitions21 549–565 (1978)

A.N. Lagar’kov, V.M. Sergeev “Molecular dynamics method in statistical physics21 566–588 (1978)

L.N. Novikov, G.V. Skrotskii “Nonlinear and parametric effects in atomic rf spectroscopy21 589–610 (1978)

Ya.E. Geguzin, Yu.S. Kaganovskii “Diffusive mass transfer in island films21 611–629 (1978)

Methodological notes

V.G. Polevoi, S.M. Rytov “The four-dimensional group velocity21 630–638 (1978)

M.L. Levin “How light conquers darkness (W.R. Hamilton and the concept of group velocity)21 639–640 (1978)

Meetings and conferences

A.U. Klimyk, A.M. Gavrilik “Conference on Group-Theory Methods in Physics21 641–642 (1978)


S.A. Akhmanov, F.V. Bunkin, A.G. Vinogradov, A.V. Gaponov, D.L. Goryshnik, Yu.A. Kravtsov, M.L. Levin, A.M. Prokhorov, V.I. Tatarskii, I.L. Fabelinskii, Z.I. Feizulin “Sergei Mikhailovich Rytov (on his seventieth birthday)21 643–644 (1978)

Issue 8, 1978, volume 21

Reviews of topical problems

I.S. Shapiro “Baryon-antibaryon nuclei21 645–673 (1978)

B.G. Grachev, M.F. Deigen “Electron-nuclear double resonance of impurity centers in nonmetallic crystals21 674–692 (1978)

G.A. Lyubimov, V.I. Rakhovskii “The cathode spot of a vacuum arc21 693–718 (1978)

From the current literature

S.M. Stishov “Does metallic ammonium exist? (From old and new literature)21 719–720 (1978)


F. Gerasimov, N.I. Kaliteevskii, É.K. Kraulinya, S.L. Mandel’shtam, M.M. Miroshnikov, N.P. Penkin, A.M. Prokhorov, P.P. Feofilov, E.N. Tsarevskii, M.P. Chaika, A.M. Shukhtin “Sergei Éduardovich Frish (Obituary)21 721–722 (1978)

V.L. Bonch-Bruevich, A.A. Bugai, B.G. Grachev, B.E. Paton, S.I. Pekar, Yu.E. Perlin, A.F. Prikhot’ko, A.B. Roitsin, O.V. Snitko, V.B. Shteinshleiger “Mikhail Fedorovich Deigen (Obituary)21 723–724 (1978)

Issue 9, 1978, volume 21

Reviews of topical problems

V.A. Atsarkin “Dynamic polarization of nuclei in solid dielectrics21 725–745 (1978)

A.L. Efros “Electron localization in disordered systems (the Anderson transition)21 746–760 (1978)

N.N. Korst, L.I. Antsiferova “Study of slow molecular motions by stable-radical EPR21 761–778 (1978)

From the history of physics

Fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of combinational scattering of light (the Raman effect)21 779–779 (1978)

I.L. Fabelinskii “The discovery of combinational scattering of light (the Raman effect)21 780–797 (1978)


N.A. Armand, Yu.V. Gulyaev, N.D. Devyatkov, Yu.B. Kobzarev, V.V. Migulin, A.A. Pistol’kors, V.I. Siforov, A.V. Sokolov “Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kotel’nikov (on his seventieth birthday)21 798–800 (1978)

A.A. Boyarchuk, O.A. Mel’nikov, L.V. Mirzoyan, E.R. Mustel’, V.V. Sobolev, E.K. Kharadze “Viktor Amazaspovich Ambartsumyan (on his seventieth birthday)21 801–803 (1978)

Issue 10, 1978, volume 21

Reviews of topical problems

Yu.N. Polivanov “Raman scattering of light by polaritons21 805–831 (1978)

I.Ya. Korenblit, E.F. Shender “Ferromagnetism of disordered systems21 832–851 (1978)

New instruments and measurement methods

L.S. Kornienko, V.B. Shteinshleiger “Quantum amplifiers and their application in space research21 852–864 (1978)

Methodological notes

B.M. Bolotovskii, V.A. Davydov, V.E. Rok “Radiation of electromagnetic waves on instantaneous change of the state of the radiating system21 865–872 (1978)

A.A. Andronov, Yu.A. Ryzhov “An infinity of the classical theory of fluctuations in a nondegenerate electron gas21 873–878 (1978)

Meetings and conferences

A.A. Mikhailov “Precession and the inertial coordinate system21 879–879 (1978)

V.M. Galitskii, E.E. Nikitin, B.M. Smirnov “Theory of quasiresonant processes in the collision of atomic particles21 880–881 (1978)

Yu.N. Demkov, L.P. Presnyakov “An asymptotic approach in the theory of atomic collisions21 881–883 (1978)

G.A. Smolenskii “The electroacoustic phonon echo21 883–885 (1978)

B.P. Zakharchenya, V.A. Novikov, V.G. Fleisher “States and resonances of optically pumped electron and nuclear spins in a semiconductor21 885–886 (1978)


I.Ya. Barit, B.M. Bolotovskii, L.E. Lazareva, V.I. Lushchikov, Yu.P. Popov, E.L. Feinberg “Il'ya Mikhailovich Frank (on his seventieth birthday)21 887–890 (1978)

Zh.I. Alferov, E.P. Velikhov, B.M. Vul, A.M. Prokhorov, M.A. Topchibashev, V.M. Tuchkevich “Gasan Mamed Bagir ogly Abdullaev (on his sixtieth birthday)21 891–892 (1978)

Issue 11, 1978, volume 21

Reviews of topical problems

V.N. Rudenko “Relativistic experiments in gravitational fields21 893–917 (1978)

I.G. Kaplan, O.B. Rodimova “Intermolecular interactions21 918–943 (1978)

Yu.I. Bychkov, Yu.D. Korolev, G.A. Mesyats “Pulse discharges in gases under conditions of strong ionization by electrons21 944–958 (1978)

A.V. Kolpakov, V.A. Bushuev, R.N. Kuz’min “Dielectric permittivity in the x-ray region21 959–977 (1978)

Physics of our days

B.M. Smirnov “Carbon dioxide gas in the Earth’s atmosphere21 978–980 (1978)

Issue 12, 1978, volume 21

From the current literature

V.M. Fridkin, B.N. Popov “Anomalous photovoltaic effect in ferroelectrics21 981–991 (1978)

Meetings and conferences

M.A. Leontovich “Historical aspects of the discovery of Raman scattering21 992–994 (1978)

M.M. Sushchinskii “Raman scattering of light in phase transitions in crystals21 994–995 (1978)

V.M. Agranovich “Surface electromagnetic waves and Raman scattering on surface polaritons21 995–997 (1978)

Yu.N. Denisyuk “Present state and prospects for development of holography with recording in three-dimensional media21 998–998 (1978)

Sh.D. Kakichashvili “Polarization holography21 998–1000 (1978)

B.Ya. Zel’dovich, V.V. Ragul’skii “Wave-front inversion in induced light scattering21 1000–1002 (1978)

V.G. Sidorovich “The mode theory of the three-dimensional hologram21 1002–1003 (1978)

V.I. Bespalov, A.A. Betin, G.A. Pasmanik “Reproduction of the light-beam wave front in induced scattering21 1003–1004 (1978)

V.B. Shikin “Electrons above the surface of liquid helium21 1005–1006 (1978)

M.S. Khaikin, A.P. Volodin “Disturbance of stability of the charged liquid helium surface and formation of bubblons (film)21 1006–1007 (1978)

D.M. Chernikova, L.P. Gor’kov “Instability of the charged surface of liquid helium21 1007–1008 (1978)

V.S. Edel’man “Investigation of the Resonance properties of electrons above the surface of liquid helium21 1008–1009 (1978)

K.I. Zemskov, M.A. Kazaryan, G.G. Petrash “Optical systems with brightness amplifiers21 1009–1010 (1978)

L.I. Devyatkova, P.M. Lozovskii, V.V. Mikhailin, S.P. Chernov, A.V. Shepelev, P.B. Éssel’bakh “Vacuum-ultraviolet luminescence of LaF3 single crystals21 1010–1011 (1978)

L.I. Gudzenko, I.S. Lakoba, Yu.I. Syts’ko, S.I. Yakovlenko “Analysis of the possibility of amplifying VUV radiation in a helium plasma21 1011–1012 (1978)

A.B. Kaidalov, L.A. Ponomarev “Sixth All-Union School on High-Energy Inelastic Interactions21 1013–1015 (1978)

V.A. Zayats, R.G. Maev “Second All-Union School on Current Problems in Physics for Young Scientists21 1016–1018 (1978)

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