Issue 1, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

Yu.P. Nikitin, I.L. Rozental’, F.M. Sergeev “Interaction between high-energy particles and nuclei20 1–30 (1977)

A.Z. Patashinskii, V.L. Pokrovskii “The renormalization-group method in the theory of phase transitions20 31–54 (1977)

G.V. Rozenberg “The light ray (contribution to the theory of the light field)20 55–80 (1977)

Methodological notes

A.M. Dykhne, G.L. Yudin “Stimulated effects upon ’jarring’ of an electron in an external electromagnetic field20 80–86 (1977)

B.Sh. Perkal’skis, G.N. Sotiriadi “Two demonstrations for a physics course20 87–88 (1977)

Meetings and conferences

M.K. Volkov, V.N. Pervushin “Fundamental problems of quantum field theory20 89–91 (1977)


P.L. Kapitza, A.F. Andreev, M.I. Kaganov “ll’ya Mikhailovich Lifshitz (on his sixtieth birthday)20 92–93 (1977)

N.N. Bogolyubov, S.N. Vernov, M.A. Markov, B. Pontecorvo, A.M. Prokhorov, P.A. Cerenkov “Anatolii Alekseevich Logunov (on his fiftieth birthday)20 93–95 (1977)

Issue 2, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

V.A. Lyubimov “Interaction of neutrons at high energies20 97–118 (1977)

B.M. Smirnov “Cluster ions in gases20 119–133 (1977)

M.D. Gabovich “Ion-beam plasma and the propagation of intense compensated ion beams20 134–148 (1977)

K.P. Belov, V.I. Sokolov “Antiferromagnetic garnets20 149–166 (1977)

Physics of our days

I.L. Rozental’ “Cosmic objects and elementary particles20 167–173 (1977)

Methodological notes

N.I. Kaliteevskii, V.S. Mikhalev, S.N. Pen’kov, V.A. Polishchuk, V.K. Prilipko “Lecture demonstrations for general physics course using television20 174–176 (1977)

L.M. Polyakov “Model of deformed crystalline structure20 176–177 (1977)

Issue 3, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

M.S. Marinov “Relativistic strings and dual models of the strong interactions20 179–208 (1977)

N.G. Basov, E.M. Belenov, V.A. Isakov, E.P. Markin, A.N. Oraevskii, V.I. Romanenko “New methods of isotope separation20 209–225 (1977)

V.B. Shikin “Mobility of charges in liquid, solid, and dense gaseous helium20 226–248 (1977)

R.G. Mints, A.L. Rakhmanov “Magnetic instabilities in hard superconductors20 249–263 (1977)

Methodological notes

M.A. Miller, Yu.M. Sorokin, N.S. Stepanov “Covariance of Maxwell equations and comparison of electrodynamic systems20 264–272 (1977)

Meetings and conferences

M.I. Kudryavtsev, A.S. Melioranskii, I.A. Savenko “Bursts and Sources of Hard X-Radiation.20 273–275 (1977)

V.L. Ginzburg, L.M. Ozernoi “The Nature of Quasars and the Active Nuclei of Galaxies20 275–275 (1977)

I.L. Fabelinskii, V.S. Starunov, A.K. Atakhodzhaev, T.M. Utarova, G.I. Kolesnikov “Narrowing of Optical Depolarization-Scattering Spectra Near the Critical Separation Point of Solutions20 275–276 (1977)

V.G. Kurt “The Motion of the Sun in the Interstellar Medium20 276–277 (1977)

Issue 4, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

V.B. Leonas, A.P. Kalinin “Study of ionization in slow collisions of atomic particles20 279–297 (1977)

V.G. Bar’yakhtar, V.V. Gann, Yu.I. Gorobets, G.A. Smolenskii, B.N. Filippov “Cylindrical magnetic domains20 298–318 (1977)

L.P. Grishchuk “Gravitational waves in the cosmos and the laboratory20 319–334 (1977)

Physics of our days

On the passing of Werner K. Heisenberg20 335–335 (1977)

T.A.T. Spoelstra “The galactic magnetic field20 336–343 (1977)

A.A. Ruzmaikin “Supplement to the translation20 342–343 (1977)

New instruments and measurement methods

A.S. Semenov, V.L. Smirnov “Supplement of the translation of Kogelnik’s ’Introduction to Integrated Optics’20 344–348 (1977)

Meetings and conferences

O.M. Belotserkovskii “New Numerical Models in Mathematical Physics and Problems of Interaction of the Solar Wind with Cosmic Objects20 349–350 (1977)

A.M. Gal’per, V.G. Kirillov-Ugryumov, B.I. Luchkov “Discrete Sources of Cosmic Gamma Radiation20 350–351 (1977)

A.A. Stepanyan “The Object Cygnus X-3 as a Generator of Superhigh-Energy Gamma Quanta20 352–353 (1977)

S.K. Esin “Status of Work at the Los Alamos Meson Factories20 353–353 (1977)

N.K. Abrosimov “Plans for the Leningrad Institute of Nuclear Physics Accelerator Complex and Research on It20 353–353 (1977)


A.P. Aleksandrov, S.A. Al’tshuler, E.P. Velikhov, I.I. Gurevich, B.B. Kadomtsev, P.L. Kapitza, B.M. Kozyrev, L.I. Rudakov, V.A. Skoryupin, S.D. Fanchenko “Evgenii Konstanovich Zavoiskii (1907-1976)20 354–355 (1977)

Physics of our days

E.K. Zavoiskii “Search for high-temperature superconductivity20 356–359 (1977)

Issue 5, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

V.S. Berezinskii, G.T. Zatsepin “Possible experiments with very high energy cosmic neutrinos: the Dumand project20 361–380 (1977)

I.V. Andreev, I.M. Dremin “Mechanisms of multi-particle production processes20 381–405 (1977)

V.A. Bushuev, R.N. Kuz’min “Inelastic scattering of x-ray and synchrotron radiation in crystals, coherent effects in inelastic scattering20 406–431 (1977)

L.A. Bol’shov, A.P. Napartovich, A.G. Naumovets, A.G. Fedorus “Submonolayer films on the surface of metals20 432–451 (1977)

Meetings and conferences

M.Ya. Marov “Venus and Mars (According to Recent Results of Soviet and American Studies)20 452–453 (1977)

Yu.I. Gal’perin “The Magnetospheres of the Earth and the Planets20 453–455 (1977)

V.B. Braginskii “Quantum Singularities in Macroscopic Measurements20 455–455 (1977)

E.M. Gershenzon “Spectral and Radiospectroscopic Studies of Semiconductors at Submillimeter Wavelengths20 456–462 (1977)


S.N. Vernov, M.A. Markov, A.E. Chudakov “Georgii Timofeevich Zatsepin (on his sixtieth birthday)20 463–465 (1977)

Issue 6, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

S.I. Anisimov, V.A. Benderskii, G. Farkas “Nonlinear photoelectric emission from metals induced by a laser radiation20 467–488 (1977)

Ch.B. Lushchik, I.K. Vitol, M.A. Élango “Decay of electronic excitations into radiation defects in ionic crystals20 489–505 (1977)

V.N. Dudorov, V.V. Randoshkin, R.V. Telesnin “Synthesis and physical properties of single-crystal films of rare-earth iron garnets20 505–527 (1977)

D.V. Skobel’tsyn “Paradoxes of the quantum theory of the Vavilov-Cerenkov and Doppler effects20 528–545 (1977)

V.L. Ginzburg “Remarks on D. V. Skobel’tsyn’s paper, ’Paradoxes of the quantum theory of the Vavilov-Cerenkov and Doppler effects’20 546–546 (1977)

Physics of our days

P.L. Kapitza “Global problems and energy20 547–553 (1977)

E.K. Zavoiskii, B.B. Kadomtsev, L.B. Okun’, B.M. Smirnov “Man and environment-problems of the future20 553–554 (1977)

Meetings and conferences

V.A. Goncharov, R.G. Maev “First All-Union Young Scientists’ Workshop on ’Priority Problems of Physics’20 555–556 (1977)


Ya.E. Genkin, D.K. Kaipov, V.M. Kel’man, G.V. Kurdyumov, M.I. Usanovich, S.M. Chanyev “Moisei Izrailevich Korsunskii (obituary)20 557–558 (1977)

Issue 7, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

G.N. Kulipanov, A.N. Skrinskii “Utilization of synchrotron radiation: current status and prospects20 559–586 (1977)

E.P. Velikhov, V.D. Pis’mennyi, A.T. Rakhimov “The non-self-sustaining gas discharge for exciting continuouswave gas lasers20 586–602 (1977)

V.S. Lisitsa “Stark broadening of hydrogen lines in plasmas20 603–630 (1977)

From the current literature

E.V. Baklanov, V.P. Chebotaev “Prospects for precision physical experiments in optics20 631–637 (1977)

Meetings and conferences

E.Ya. Zandberg, N.I. Ionov “Surface Ionization and Its Applications20 638–639 (1977)

P.G. Borzyak, G.A. Katrich, Yu.A. Kulyupin, P.M. Tomchuk “Electronic Processes in Metal Island Films20 639–640 (1977)

Yu.G. Ptushinskii, A.G. Naumovets, O.A. Panchenko “Electron-Adsorption Phenomena on the Surface of Metal Single Crystals20 640–640 (1977)

I.A. Abroyan, V.V. Korablev, N.N. Petrov, A.I. Titov “Secondary-Emission Methods of Investigating the Structure and Composition of the Surface Layers of Solids20 640–642 (1977)

V.A. Krat “New Ideas on the Solar Photosphere Based on Stratospheric Investigations20 642–643 (1977)

I.V. Andreev, A.D. Dolgov, A.A. Komar, V.A. Kuz’min, V.A. Khoze, V.A. Tsarev “New data on the interactions of elementary particles20 643–650 (1977)


B.T. Geilikman, V.N. Gribov, B.L. Ioffe, I.Yu. Kobzarev, L.B. Okun’, M.V. Terent’ev, K.A. Ter-Martirosyan, G.B. Fedorov “Vladimir Borisovich Berestetskii (Obituary)20 651–653 (1977)

Issue 8, 1977, volume 20

To the fiftieth anniversary of the formation of quantum mechanics20 655–655 (1977)

Reviews of topical problems

M.A. El’yashevich “From the origin of quantum concepts to the establishment of quantum mechanics20 656–682 (1977)

D.I. Blokhintsev “Classical statistical physics and quantum mechanics20 683–690 (1977)

Issue 9, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

V.A. Lyubimov “Backward scattering of pions by nucleons20 691–702 (1977)

A.M. Perelomov “Generalized coherent states and some of their applications20 703–720 (1977)

N.V. Karlov, A.M. Prokhorov “Selective processes induced by resonance laser radiation at the phase boundary of two media20 721–735 (1977)

V.V. Arsenin, V.A. Chuyanov “Suppression of plasma instabilities by the feedback method20 736–762 (1977)

From the current literature

Sh.M. Kogan “New experimental investigations of the 1/f noise mechanism20 763–766 (1977)

Meetings and conferences

I.I. Roizen, S.A. Slavatinskii “Fifth All-Union School of Inelastic Interactions at High Energies20 767–768 (1977)

Issue 10, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

Sixtieth anniversary of Soviet physics20 769–775 (1977)

S.M. Bilen’kii, B. Pontecorvo “Lepton mixing and neutrino oscillations20 776–795 (1977)

A.I. Vainshtein, M.B. Voloshin, V.I. Zakharov, V.A. Novikov, L.B. Okun’, M.A. Shifman “Charmonium and quantum chromodynamics20 796–818 (1977)

V.S. Edel’man “Properties of electrons in bismuth20 819–835 (1977)

V.S. Markin, V.F. Pastushenko, Yu.A. Chizmadzhev “Physics of the nerve impulse20 836–860 (1977)

Physics of our days

A.V. Nedospasov “The physics of MHD generators20 861–869 (1977)

N.B. Baranova, Yu.V. Bogdanov, B.Ya. Zel’dovich “New electro-optical and magneto-optical effects in liquids20 870–877 (1977)

Issue 11, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

A.B. Migdal “Vacuum polarization in strong fields and pion condensation20 879–898 (1977)

S.A. Akhmanov, N.I. Koroteev “Spectroscopy of light scattering and nonlinear optics. Nonlinear-optical methods of active spectroscopy of Raman and Rayleigh scattering20 899–936 (1977)

Yu.V. Petrov “The Oklo natural nuclear reactor20 937–944 (1977)

Ya.B. Zel’dovich “Gravitation, charges, cosmology, and coherence20 945–955 (1977)

Physics of our days

B.A. Arbuzov, A.A. Logunov “Structure of elementary particles and relationships between the different forces of nature20 956–969 (1977)

From the history of physics

S.N. Vernov, N.A. Dobrotin “Fiftieth anniversary of a fundamental discovery in cosmicray physics20 970–972 (1977)

Issue 12, 1977, volume 20

Reviews of topical problems

N.P. Konopleva “Gravitational experiments in space20 973–988 (1977)

Physics of our days

V.A. Vanke, V.M. Lopukhin, V.L. Savvin “Satellite solar power stations20 989–1001 (1977)

Methodological notes

D.E. Vakman, L.A. Vainshtein “Amplitude, phase, frequency—fundamental concepts of oscillation theory20 1002–1016 (1977)

Meetings and conferences

Scientific session of the Division of General Physics and Astronomy of the USSR Academy of Sciences (February 23-24, 1977)20 1017–1017 (1977)

M.I. Kaganov “Singularities that the local geometry of the Fermi surfaces induces in the absorption and in the velocity of sound in metals20 1017–1019 (1977)

V.D. Natsik “Conduction electrons and mobility of dislocations in normal metals and in superconductors20 1019–1021 (1977)

I.I. Sobelman, I.B. Khriplovich “Check on the modern theories of weak interaction in optical experiments20 1022–1022 (1977)

A.A. Komar “Neutral currents in the physics of weak interactions20 1023–1023 (1977)

B.G. Erozolimskii “Beta decay of the neutron20 1023–1024 (1977)

G.S. Ivanov-Kholodnyi, M.A. Kolosov, N.A. Savich, Yu.N. Aleksandrov, M.B. Vasil’ev, A.S. Vyshlov, V.M. Dubrovin, A.L. Zaitsev, V.A. Samovol, L.N. Samoznaev, A.I. Sidorenko, A.F. Khasyanov, D.Ya. Shtern “The ionosphere of Venus from the data of the satellites ’Venera-9, 10′ and some singularities of its formation20 1025–1027 (1977)

M.A. Kolosov, O.I. Yakovlev, T.S. Timofeeva, E.V. Chub, A.I. Efimov, S.S. Matyugov, A.G. Pavelyev, A.I. Kucheryavenkov, I.E. Kalashnikov “Results of radio sounding of the neutral atmosphere of Venus and bistatic radar study of its surface with the aid of the satellites ’Venera-9, 10′20 1027–1028 (1977)

M.A. Kolosov, O.I. Yakovlev, A.I. Efimov, V.M. Razmanov, V.I. Rogal’skii, V.K. Shtrykov “Inhomogeneous structure of the plasma near the sun and spreading of the spectrum of the radio waves, as suggested by the results of radio sounding with the aid of the satellites ’Venus-9, 10′20 1028–1029 (1977)

M.A. Kolosov, N.A. Savich, M.B. Vasil’ev, A.S. Vyshlov, V.I. Rogal’skii, V.A. Samovol, L.N. Samoznaev “Investigations of the plasma near the sun by the dispersion-interferometer method during the flight of the satellites ’Venera-9, 10′20 1029–1030 (1977)

V.A. Khoze “The heavy lepton τ± in e+e- annihilation20 1030–1030 (1977)

M.I. Vysotskii, A.D. Dolgov, Ya.B. Zel’dovich “Cosmological limitations on the mass of neutral leptons20 1031–1031 (1977)

M.A. Shifman “Charmonium and asymptotic freedom20 1031–1032 (1977)


N.E. Alekseevskii, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, M.S. Bresler, P.L. Kapitza, I.M. Lifshitz, R.V. Parfen’ev, I.I. Farbshtein, A.I. Shal’nikov, Yu.V. Sharvin “Simon Solomonovich Shalyt (obituary)20 1033–1034 (1977)

V.G. Vaks, V.K. Voitovetskii, V.M. Galitskii, V.L. Ginzburg, I.I. Gurevich, V.Z. Kresin, A.B. Migdal, I.L. Fabelinskii, N.A. Chernoplekov “Boris Tov’evich Geilikman (obituary)20 1035–1037 (1977)


V.S. Berezinskii, G.T. Zatsepin “Erratum: Possible experiments with very high energy cosmic neutrinos: the Dumand Project [Sov. Phys. Usp. 20, 361 (May 1977)]20 1037–1037 (1977)

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