Reviews of topical problems

A.K. Likhoded, P.V. Shlyapnikov “Multi-particle and inclusive reactions21 1–28 (1978)

Yu.V. Gulyaev, V.V. Proklov, G.N. Shkerdin “Diffraction of light by sound in solids21 29–57 (1978)

A.P. Kazantsev “Resonance light pressure21 58–76 (1978)

From the current literature

V.N. Bogomolov “Liquids in ultrathin channels (Filament and cluster crystals)21 77–83 (1978)

Meetings and conferences

N.V. Karlov “Laser Separation of Isotopes21 84–85 (1978)

V.V. Smirnov “Coherent Raman Spectroscopy of Gases21 85–86 (1978)

V.V. Korobkin, B.M. Stepanov, S.D. Fanchenko, M.Ya. Shchelev “Pico-femtosecond Electron-optical Photography21 86–87 (1978)

A.A. Kolomenskii “Collective Methods for the Acceleration of Particles21 87–89 (1978)

V.P. Sarantsev “Acceleration of Ions in Electron Storage Rings21 89–90 (1978)


N.N. Bogolyubov, B.B. Kadomtsev, A.A. Logunov, M.A. Markov “Dmitrii Ivanovich Blokhintsev (on his 70th birthday)21 91–94 (1978)

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