Issue 1, 1979, volume 22

Reviews of topical problems

V.G. Grishin “Inclusive processes in high-energy hadron interactions22 1–25 (1979)

É.S. Voronin, V.L. Strizhevskii “Parametric up-conversion of infrared radiation and its applications22 26–45 (1979)

I.L. Rozental’, V.V. Usov, I.V. Éstulin “Cosmic γ-spectroscopy22 46–60 (1979)


S.A. Akhmanov, F.V. Bunkin, N.V. Karlov, V.I. Kogan, S.M. Rytov, S.S. Filippov, V.E. Chertoprud, L.A. Shelepin, S.I. Yakovlenko “Lev Iosifovich Gudzenko(Obituary)22 61–62 (1979)

Issue 2, 1979, volume 22

Reviews of topical problems

V.A. Belyakov, V.E. Dmitrienko, V.P. Orlov “Optics of cholesteric liquid crystals22 64–88 (1979)

G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, V.M. Chechetkin “Nonequilibrium shells of neutron stars and their role in sustaining x-ray emission and nucleosynthesis22 89–108 (1979)

New instruments and measurement methods

V.B. Leonas “New methods in molecular beam studies22 109–115 (1979)

From the current literature

Ya.B. Fainberg, N.S. Khizhnyak “Heavy-particle acceleration by charge-density waves in vacuum and in plasma22 116–118 (1979)


V.M. Galitskii, Ya.B. Zel’dovich, Ya.A. Smorodinskii, I.S. Shapiro “Al’fred Ivanovich Baz’ (Obituary)22 119–120 (1979)


A.S. Borovik-Romanov “Nobel Prize awarded to P. L. Kapitsa22 120–121 (1979)

Issue 3, 1979, volume 22

Reviews of topical problems

I.M. Lifshits, A.Yu. Grosberg, A.R. Khokhlov “Volume interactions in the statistical physics of a polymer macromolecule22 123–142 (1979)

N.B. Baranova, B.Ya. Zel’dovich “Two approaches to spatial dispersion in molecular scattering of light22 143–159 (1979)

N.E. Kuz’menko, L.A. Kuznetsova, A.P. Monyakin, Yu.Ya. Kuzyakov, Yu.A. Plastinin “Electronic transition probabilities and lifetimes of electronically excited states of diatomic molecules22 160–173 (1979)

From the current literature

V.V. Prokof’eva “Television-electronics study of faint astronomical objects22 174–189 (1979)

Meetings and conferences

P.V. Shcheglov, A.A. Tokovinin “Prospects for the attainment of high angular resolution in groundbased optical astronomy22 190–190 (1979)

M.A. Liberman “A contribution to the theory of ionizing shock waves in magnetic fields22 190–191 (1979)

V.A. Bazylev, N.K. Zhevago “Electromagnetic radiation emitted by particles channeled in a crystal22 191–193 (1979)

M.A. Kumakhov “Spontaneous and induced emission by relativistic particles in a crystal and possibilities for utilization of this effect in physics22 193–194 (1979)

V.Yu. Trakhtengerts “The magnetosphere as an Alfven maser22 195–196 (1979)

A.A. Galeev “The mechanism of magnetosphere substorms22 196–197 (1979)

Issue 4, 1979, volume 22

Reviews of topical problems

J.H. Field, E. Picasso, F. Combley “Tests of fundamental physical theories from measurements on free charged leptons22 199–219 (1979)

N.V. Karlov, B.B. Krynetskii, V.A. Mishin, A.M. Prokhorov “Selective atomic photoionization and its use in isotope separation and spectroscopy22 220–235 (1979)

G.F. Drukarev, V.D. Ob’edkov “Polarization phenomena in electronic and atomic collisions22 236–251 (1979)

N.B. Delone, M.V. Fedorov “Polarization of photoelectrons in the ionization of unpolarized atoms22 252–269 (1979)

V.E. Pogorelov, A.I. Lizengevich, I.I. Kondilenko, G.P. Buyan “Vibrational relaxation in condensed media22 270–282 (1979)

From the current literature

S.M. Stishov “Recent events in the physics of high pressures22 283–285 (1979)

Meetings and conferences

G.S. Krinchik “Magnetooptical study of surfaces22 286–287 (1979)

A.F. Andreev “Thermodynamics of liquids below the Debye temperature22 287–288 (1979)

É.E. Berlovich “Study of nuclei far from the β- stable band22 288–290 (1979)

V.S. Letokhov “Detection of single atoms and nuclei by methods of laser spectroscopy22 290–291 (1979)


A.S. Davydov, G.V. Kurdyumov, I.V. Obreimov, Yu.A. Osip’yan, A.F. Prikhot’ko, É.I. Rashba, E.F. Sheka “Vladimir L’vovich Broude (Obituary)22 292–293 (1979)

Issue 5, 1979, volume 22

Reviews of topical problems

S.N. Artemenko, A.F. Volkov “Electric fields and collective oscillations in superconductors22 295–310 (1979)

I.S. Osad’ko “Determination of electron-phonon coupling from structured optical spectra of impurity centers22 311–329 (1979)

M.B. Partenskii “Self-consistent electron theory of a metallic surface22 330–351 (1979)

Yu.M. Gal’perin, V.L. Gurevich, V.I. Kozub “Nonlinear effects in the propagation of high-frequency sound in normal conductors22 352–367 (1979)

Methodological notes

V.D. Shafranov “Virial theorem for a system of charged particles22 368–370 (1979)

R.P. Poplavskii “Maxwell demon and the correspondence between information and entropy22 371–380 (1979)

Meetings and conferences

D.F. Alferov, Yu.A. Bashmakov, K.A. Belovintsev, E.G. Bessonov, P.A. Cherenkov “Sources of undulator radiation (Theory, Experiment, Applications)22 381–383 (1979)

Yu.M. Aleksandrov, A.D. Krivospitskii, M.N. Yakimenko “X-ray lithography in synchrotron radiation beams22 383–384 (1979)

A.N. Artem’ev, V.A. Kabannik, Yu.N. Kazakov, G.N. Kulipanov, E.A. Meleshko, V.V. Sklyarevskii, A.N. Skrinskii, E.P. Stepanov, V.B. Khlestov, A.I. Chechin “An experiment in excitation of a Mössbauer level of 57Fe with synchrotron radiation22 384–385 (1979)

A.A. Vazina “Investigation of the dynamics of structural changes in biomolecular systems by methods of high-speed diffractometry with synchrotron radiation22 385–386 (1979)

S.P. Kapitsa “Present and future sources of synchrotron radiation22 386–387 (1979)

Issue 6, 1979, volume 22

Reviews of topical problems

V.P. Skripov, A.V. Skripov “Spinodal decomposition (phase transitions via unstable states)22 389–410 (1979)

L.M. Biberman, V.S. Vorob’ev, I.T. Yakubov “Low-temperature plasmas with nonequilibrium ionization22 411–432 (1979)

G.M. Mrevlishvili “Low-temperature calorimetry of biological macromolecules22 433–455 (1979)

A.M. Gal’per, B.I. Luchkov, O.F. Prilutskii “Gamma rays and the structure of the Galaxy22 456–473 (1979)

Meetings and conferences

B.I. Verkin, I.V. Svechkarev “Weak magnetism as a method for studying the electronic structure of metals and alloys22 474–475 (1979)

I.K. Yanson, I.O. Kulik “Microcontact phonon spectroscopy in metals22 475–476 (1979)

V.P. Galaiko, V.M. Dmitriev “Nonequilibrium superconductivity in specimens with small transverse dimensions22 476–478 (1979)

V.D. Fil’ “Electronic mechanism of acoustic-pulse transfer in magnetic fields22 478–478 (1979)

E.L. Feinberg “Hadron clusters and semibare particles in quantum field theory22 479–479 (1979)

I.V. Chuvilo “Nineteenth International Conference on High Energy Physics22 480–487 (1979)

Issue 7, 1979, volume 22

To the centenary of A. Einstein

V.P. Vizgin, Ya.A. Smorodinskii “From the equivalence principle to the equations of gravitation22 489–513 (1979)

V.L. Ginzburg “Experimental verification of the general theory of relativity22 514–527 (1979)

S.G. Suvorov “Einstein: the creation of the theory of relativity and some gnosiological lessons22 528–554 (1979)

M.A. El’yashevich “Einstein’s part in the development of quantum concepts22 555–575 (1979)

N.V. Karlov, A.M. Prokhorov “Quantum electronics and Einstein’s theory of radiation22 576–579 (1979)

V.Ya. Frenkel’ “On the history of the Einstein-de Haas effect22 580–587 (1979)

Issue 8, 1979, volume 22

Special issue

For the centenary of L. I. Mandel’shtam22 589–589 (1979)

A.V. Gaponov-Grekhov, M.I. Rabinovich “L. I. Mandel’shtam and the modern theory of nonlinear oscillations and waves22 590–614 (1979)

V.A. Vasil’ev, Yu.M. Romanovskii, V.G. Yakhno “Autowave processes in distributed kinetic systems22 615–639 (1979)

V.V. Migulin “L. I. Mandel’shtam and research in radiointerferometry22 640–647 (1979)

From the history of physics

P.A.M. Dirac “The relativistic electron wave equation22 648–653 (1979)

From the current literature

I.I. Roizen “Observation of Υ particles in colliding electron-positron beams22 654–655 (1979)

L.K. Zarembo “Acoustic radiating parametric antenna22 656–661 (1979)

Meetings and conferences

N.G. Basov, E.M. Belenov, S.I. Vedeneev, G.P. Motulevich, V.V. Nikitin “Frequency multiplication in the 1010-1013 Hz range with the aid of weak superconductive couplings22 662–663 (1979)

I.A. Zhitnik, É.Ya. Kononov, V.V. Korneev, V.V. Krutov, S.L. Mandel’shtam, A.M. Urnov “Spectra of solar x-ray flares22 663–665 (1979)

V.V. Zheleznyakov, E.Ya. Zlotnik “Diagnostics of neutral current layers under space conditions22 665–665 (1979)

G.A. Askar’yan “Mesons and neutrinos in ultracompression of matter and beams22 666–667 (1979)

A.B. Severnyi, V.A. Kotov, T.T. Tsap “Investigation of the sun’s pulsations and the problem of its internal structure22 667–668 (1979)

V.A. Kotov, S. Kuchmi “Investigation of the sun’s brightness variations22 668–669 (1979)

S.V. Vorontsov, V.N. Zharkov “The theoretical spectrum of the sun’s oscillations22 669–670 (1979)

S.M. Rytov, A.V. Gaponov-Grekhov, M.A. Isakovich “Scientific session of the Division of General Physics and Astronomy and the Division of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR22 671–671 (1979)


V.A. Ambartsumyan, N.G. Basov, A.A. Logunov, M.A. Markov, B.M. Pontekorvo, A.M. Prokhorov, P.A. Cherenkov “Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogolyubov (on his seventieth birthday)22 672–676 (1979)

A.F. Andreev, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, N.V. Zavaritskii, P.L. Kapitza, I.P. Krylov, I.L. Landau, A.I. Shal’nikov “Yurii Vasil’evich Sharvin (on his sixtieth birthday)22 677–678 (1979)

Issue 9, 1979, volume 22

Reviews of topical problems

Yu.M. Belousov, V.N. Gorelkin, A.L. Mikaelyan, V.Yu. Miloserdin, V.P. Smilga “Study of metals by means of positive muons22 679–702 (1979)

A.G. Khrapak, I.T. Yakubov “Electrons and positrons in dense gases22 703–726 (1979)

E.D. Korop, B.E. Meierovich, Yu.V. Sidel’nikov, S.T. Sukhorukov “Micropinch in a high-current diode22 727–741 (1979)

V.L. Vinetskii, N.V. Kukhtarev, S.G. Odulov, M.S. Soskin “Dynamic self-diffraction of coherent light beams22 742–756 (1979)

Methodological notes

G.S. Egorov, S.N. Mensov, N.S. Stepanov “Lecture demonstrations on the interference of partially coherent light22 757–759 (1979)

From the current literature

E.B. Aleksandrov, N.I. Kaliteevskii, M.P. Chaika “Superhigh-resolution spectroscopy based on interference of states22 760–767 (1979)


V.L. Ginzburg, M.A. Isakovich, F.S. Landsberg, M.A. Leontovich, L.V. Lipis, S.L. Mandel’shtam, A.M. Prokhorov, I.L. Fabelinskii “Solomon Mendelevich Raiskii (Obituary)22 768–769 (1979)

Issue 10, 1979, volume 22

Reviews of topical problems

A.V. Vinogradov, I.Yu. Skobelev, E.A. Yukov “Elementary processes and x-ray spectra of multiply charged ions in dense high-temperature plasmas22 771–787 (1979)

G.M. Zaslavskii “Statistics of energy spectra22 788–803 (1979)

I.A. Akhiezer, L.N. Davydov “Theory of electronic stopping of heavy ions in metals22 804–812 (1979)

S.P. Bakanov, B.V. Deryagin, V.I. Roldugin “Thermophoresis in gases22 813–825 (1979)

From the history of physics

S.M. Rytov “Leonid Isaakovich Mandel’shtam22 826–832 (1979)

Organizational activities

Editorial note22 833–833 (1979)

D.V. Sivukhin “The international system of physical units22 834–836 (1979)

Methodological notes

B.G. Konopel’chenko, Yu.B. Rumer “Atoms and hadrons (classification problems)22 837–840 (1979)

From the current literature

V.A. Yarba “Particle accelerators being constructed and planned at superhigh energies22 841–842 (1979)

Issue 11, 1979, volume 22

Reviews of topical problems

A.L. Velikovich, M.A. Liberman “Shock waves in a transverse magnetic field22 843–859 (1979)

A.A. Vladimirov, D.V. Shirkov “The renormalization group and ultraviolet asymptotics22 860–878 (1979)

D.I. Khomskii “The problem of intermediate valency22 879–903 (1979)

Physics of our days

M.I. Kaganov, I.M. Lifshits “Electron theory of metals and geometry22 904–927 (1979)

From the history of physics

M.A. Isakovich “L. I. Mandel’shtam and the propagation of sound in microscopically inhomogeneous media22 928–933 (1979)

From the current literature

V.L. Kuznetsov “Free-electron lasers22 934–938 (1979)

Meetings and conferences

S.P. Kapitsa “Seminar on large European projects22 939–941 (1979)

Issue 12, 1979, volume 22

Reviews of topical problems

V.G. Pokazan’ev, G.V. Skrotskii “Pseudomagnetism22 943–959 (1979)

A.A. Tokovinin, P.V. Shcheglov “Achieving high resolution in Earth-based optical astronomy22 960–974 (1979)

From the history of physics

I.M. Frank “Einstein and optics22 975–986 (1979)

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