Reviews of topical problems

G.N. Kulipanov, A.N. Skrinskii “Utilization of synchrotron radiation: current status and prospects20 559–586 (1977)

E.P. Velikhov, V.D. Pis’mennyi, A.T. Rakhimov “The non-self-sustaining gas discharge for exciting continuouswave gas lasers20 586–602 (1977)

V.S. Lisitsa “Stark broadening of hydrogen lines in plasmas20 603–630 (1977)

From the current literature

E.V. Baklanov, V.P. Chebotaev “Prospects for precision physical experiments in optics20 631–637 (1977)

Meetings and conferences

E.Ya. Zandberg, N.I. Ionov “Surface Ionization and Its Applications20 638–639 (1977)

P.G. Borzyak, G.A. Katrich, Yu.A. Kulyupin, P.M. Tomchuk “Electronic Processes in Metal Island Films20 639–640 (1977)

Yu.G. Ptushinskii, A.G. Naumovets, O.A. Panchenko “Electron-Adsorption Phenomena on the Surface of Metal Single Crystals20 640–640 (1977)

I.A. Abroyan, V.V. Korablev, N.N. Petrov, A.I. Titov “Secondary-Emission Methods of Investigating the Structure and Composition of the Surface Layers of Solids20 640–642 (1977)

V.A. Krat “New Ideas on the Solar Photosphere Based on Stratospheric Investigations20 642–643 (1977)

I.V. Andreev, A.D. Dolgov, A.A. Komar, V.A. Kuz’min, V.A. Khoze, V.A. Tsarev “New data on the interactions of elementary particles20 643–650 (1977)


B.T. Geilikman, V.N. Gribov, B.L. Ioffe, I.Yu. Kobzarev, L.B. Okun’, M.V. Terent’ev, K.A. Ter-Martirosyan, G.B. Fedorov “Vladimir Borisovich Berestetskii (Obituary)20 651–653 (1977)

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