Reviews of topical problems

N.P. Konopleva “Gravitational experiments in space20 973–988 (1977)

Physics of our days

V.A. Vanke, V.M. Lopukhin, V.L. Savvin “Satellite solar power stations20 989–1001 (1977)

Methodological notes

D.E. Vakman, L.A. Vainshtein “Amplitude, phase, frequency—fundamental concepts of oscillation theory20 1002–1016 (1977)

Meetings and conferences

Scientific session of the Division of General Physics and Astronomy of the USSR Academy of Sciences (February 23-24, 1977)20 1017–1017 (1977)

M.I. Kaganov “Singularities that the local geometry of the Fermi surfaces induces in the absorption and in the velocity of sound in metals20 1017–1019 (1977)

V.D. Natsik “Conduction electrons and mobility of dislocations in normal metals and in superconductors20 1019–1021 (1977)

I.I. Sobelman, I.B. Khriplovich “Check on the modern theories of weak interaction in optical experiments20 1022–1022 (1977)

A.A. Komar “Neutral currents in the physics of weak interactions20 1023–1023 (1977)

B.G. Erozolimskii “Beta decay of the neutron20 1023–1024 (1977)

G.S. Ivanov-Kholodnyi, M.A. Kolosov, N.A. Savich, Yu.N. Aleksandrov, M.B. Vasil’ev, A.S. Vyshlov, V.M. Dubrovin, A.L. Zaitsev, V.A. Samovol, L.N. Samoznaev, A.I. Sidorenko, A.F. Khasyanov, D.Ya. Shtern “The ionosphere of Venus from the data of the satellites ’Venera-9, 10′ and some singularities of its formation20 1025–1027 (1977)

M.A. Kolosov, O.I. Yakovlev, T.S. Timofeeva, E.V. Chub, A.I. Efimov, S.S. Matyugov, A.G. Pavelyev, A.I. Kucheryavenkov, I.E. Kalashnikov “Results of radio sounding of the neutral atmosphere of Venus and bistatic radar study of its surface with the aid of the satellites ’Venera-9, 10′20 1027–1028 (1977)

M.A. Kolosov, O.I. Yakovlev, A.I. Efimov, V.M. Razmanov, V.I. Rogal’skii, V.K. Shtrykov “Inhomogeneous structure of the plasma near the sun and spreading of the spectrum of the radio waves, as suggested by the results of radio sounding with the aid of the satellites ’Venus-9, 10′20 1028–1029 (1977)

M.A. Kolosov, N.A. Savich, M.B. Vasil’ev, A.S. Vyshlov, V.I. Rogal’skii, V.A. Samovol, L.N. Samoznaev “Investigations of the plasma near the sun by the dispersion-interferometer method during the flight of the satellites ’Venera-9, 10′20 1029–1030 (1977)

V.A. Khoze “The heavy lepton τ± in e+e- annihilation20 1030–1030 (1977)

M.I. Vysotskii, A.D. Dolgov, Ya.B. Zel’dovich “Cosmological limitations on the mass of neutral leptons20 1031–1031 (1977)

M.A. Shifman “Charmonium and asymptotic freedom20 1031–1032 (1977)


N.E. Alekseevskii, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, M.S. Bresler, P.L. Kapitza, I.M. Lifshitz, R.V. Parfen’ev, I.I. Farbshtein, A.I. Shal’nikov, Yu.V. Sharvin “Simon Solomonovich Shalyt (obituary)20 1033–1034 (1977)

V.G. Vaks, V.K. Voitovetskii, V.M. Galitskii, V.L. Ginzburg, I.I. Gurevich, V.Z. Kresin, A.B. Migdal, I.L. Fabelinskii, N.A. Chernoplekov “Boris Tov’evich Geilikman (obituary)20 1035–1037 (1977)


V.S. Berezinskii, G.T. Zatsepin “Erratum: Possible experiments with very high energy cosmic neutrinos: the Dumand Project [Sov. Phys. Usp. 20, 361 (May 1977)]20 1037–1037 (1977)

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