Fadei F. Komarov

A.N. Sevchenko Research Institute of Applied Physics Problems, Belarussian State University
Address: pr. Kurchatova 7, Minsk, 220064, Belarus


  1. F.F. Komarov “Nano- and microstructuring of solids by swift heavy ions60 435–471 (2017)
  2. F.F. Komarov “Defect and track formation in solids irradiated by superhigh-energy ions46 1253–1282 (2003)
  3. A.R. Chelyadinskii, F.F. Komarov “Defect-impurity engineering in implanted silicon46 789–820 (2003)

See also: A.R. Chelyadinskii

PACS: 61.80.-x, 61.82.-d, 61.85.+p, 61.72.Cc, 61.72.Tt, 61.72.Yx

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