Reviews of topical problems

V.Yu. Irkhin “Unusual magnetism of the Kondo lattice60 (8) (2017)

V.V. Prudnikov, P.V. Prudnikov, M.V. Mamonova “Nonequilibrium critical behavior of model statistical systems and methods for the description of its features60 (8) (2017)

Physics of our days

E.P. Kurbatov, A.G. Zhilkin, D.V. Bisikalo “Modified magnetohydrodynamics model including wave turbulence: astrophysical applications60 (8) (2017)

Methodological notes

N.N. Rosanov “Antilaser: resonance absorption mode or coherent perfect absorption?60 (8) (2017)

Conferences and symposia

The detection of gravitational waves as the beginning of gravitational wave astronomy (Scientific session of the Physical Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2 November 2016)60 (8) (2017)

D.H. Reitze “The first detections of gravitational waves emitted from binary black hole mergers60 (8) (2017)

V.N. Rudenko “Gravitational-wave experiment in Russia60 (8) (2017)

G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, S.G. Moiseenko “Gravitational waves and core-collapse supernovae60 (8) (2017)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)60 (8) (2017)


E.V. Zakharova “New books on physics and related sciences60 (8) (2017)

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