Reviews of topical problems

M.K. Volkov, A.B. Arbuzov “Meson production processes in electron—positron collisions and tau lepton decays within the extended Nambu—Jona-Lasinio model60 643–666 (2017)

Yu.S. Kalashnikova, A.V. Nefed’ev, J.E.F.T. Ribeiro “Chiral symmetry and the properties of hadrons in the Generalized Nambu—Jona-Lasinio model60 667–693 (2017)

O.V. Maslennikov, V.I. Nekorkin “Adaptive dynamical networks60 694–704 (2017)

G.R. Ivanitskii “The self-organizing dynamic stability of far-from-equilibrium biological systems60 705–730 (2017)

Physics of our days

V.T. Dolgopolov “Quantum melting of a two-dimensional Wigner crystal60 731–742 (2017)


B.M. Bolotovsky, M.A. Vasiliev, B.L. Voronov, A.V. Gurevich, K.P. Zybin, N.S. Kardashev, A.I. Nikishov, M.A. Solov’ev, S.M. Stishov, I.V. Tyutin, V.E. Fortov, A.E. Shabad “Vladimir Ivanovich Ritus (on his ninetieth birthday)60 743–744 (2017)

Physics news on the internet

..  “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)60 745–746 (2017)

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