Reviews of topical problems

J.H. Field, E. Picasso, F. Combley “Tests of fundamental physical theories from measurements on free charged leptons22 199–219 (1979)

N.V. Karlov, B.B. Krynetskii, V.A. Mishin, A.M. Prokhorov “Selective atomic photoionization and its use in isotope separation and spectroscopy22 220–235 (1979)

G.F. Drukarev, V.D. Ob’edkov “Polarization phenomena in electronic and atomic collisions22 236–251 (1979)

N.B. Delone, M.V. Fedorov “Polarization of photoelectrons in the ionization of unpolarized atoms22 252–269 (1979)

V.E. Pogorelov, A.I. Lizengevich, I.I. Kondilenko, G.P. Buyan “Vibrational relaxation in condensed media22 270–282 (1979)

From the current literature

S.M. Stishov “Recent events in the physics of high pressures22 283–285 (1979)

Meetings and conferences

G.S. Krinchik “Magnetooptical study of surfaces22 286–287 (1979)

A.F. Andreev “Thermodynamics of liquids below the Debye temperature22 287–288 (1979)

É.E. Berlovich “Study of nuclei far from the β- stable band22 288–290 (1979)

V.S. Letokhov “Detection of single atoms and nuclei by methods of laser spectroscopy22 290–291 (1979)


A.S. Davydov, G.V. Kurdyumov, I.V. Obreimov, Yu.A. Osip’yan, A.F. Prikhot’ko, É.I. Rashba, E.F. Sheka “Vladimir L’vovich Broude (Obituary)22 292–293 (1979)

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