Reviews of topical problems

I.B. Bersuker, B.J. Vekhter, I.Ya. Ogurtsov “Tunnel effects in polyatomic systems with electronic degeneracy and pseudodegeneracy18 569–587 (1975)

A.V. Nedospasov “Current-convective instability of a gas-discharge plasma18 588–599 (1975)

M.K. Gailitis “The strong-coupling method in the theory of electron-atom collisions18 600–611 (1975)

Physics of our days

V.P. Chechev, Ya.M. Kramarovskii “Transactinium elements in the evolving universe18 612–623 (1975)

Methodological notes

E.L. Feinberg “Can the relativistic change in the scales of length and time be considered the result of the action of certain forces?18 624–635 (1975)

B.M. Smirnov “Analysis of the nature of ball lightning18 636–640 (1975)

Meetings and conferences

F.G. Bass, S.Ya. Braude, A.I. Kalmykov, A.V. Men’, I.Y. Ostrovskii, V.V. Pustovoitenko, A.D. Rozenberg, I.M. Fuks “Radar Methods for the Study of Ocean Waves (Radiooceanography)18 641–642 (1975)

A.E. Basharinov, L.F. Borodin, A.S. Gurvich, M.S. Malkevich, A.M. Shutko “Microwave Radiometry Studies of the States of Continental Covers and Bodies of Water18 642–644 (1975)

Yu.M. Chesnokov, V.A. Kottsov “Selection of Spectral Sensitivity for Optical Systems Used in Studying the Earth from Space18 644–645 (1975)

R.I. Personov “The Sharp Narrowing of Spectral Bands of Organic Molecules Under Laser Excitation18 645–646 (1975)


B.M. Vul, B.T. Kolomiets, S.M. Ryvkin, V.M. Tuchkevich, Yu.I. Ukhanov “Dmitrii Nikolaevich Nasledov (obituary)18 647–648 (1975)

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