Reviews of topical problems

E.G. Maksimov, O.A. Pankratov “Hydrogen in metals18 481–495 (1975)

L.P. Gor’kov, N.B. Kopnin “Vortex motion and resistivity of type-ll superconductors in a magnetic field18 496–513 (1975)

L.N. Bulaevskii “Superconductivity and electronic properties of layered compounds18 514–532 (1975)

V.G. Pokazan’ev, G.V. Skrotskii, L.I. Yakub “Dipole magnetic ordering in nuclear spin-spin systems18 533–547 (1975)

Physics of our days

O.F. Prilutskii, I.L. Rozental’, V.V. Usov “Intense bursts of cosmic gamma radiation18 548–558 (1975)

Meetings and conferences

V.V. Migulin “Introductory Address18 559–560 (1975)

A.V. Gurevich, E.E. Tsedilina “Theoretical Investigation of Ultralong-range Propagation of Short Radio Waves18 560–561 (1975)

S.F. Golyan, L.A. Lobachevskii “Results of Experimental Studies of the Global Propagation of Short Radio Waves18 561–562 (1975)

A.N. Pushkov, É.B. Fainberg, T.A. Chernova, M.V. Fiskina “Secular Variations of the Geomagnetic Field According to Recent Data18 562–563 (1975)

É.I. Mogilevskii “The Fine Structure of the Solar Magnetoplasma18 563–563 (1975)

A.A. Galeev, R.Z. Sagdeev, V.D. Shapiro, V.I. Shevchenko “Nonlinear Effects in an Inhomogeneous Plasma18 564–656 (1975)

L.I. Dorman “Cosmic Rays and the Solar Wind18 565–566 (1975)


N.E. Alekseevskii, S.A. Al’tshuler, B.A. Arbuzov, L.F. Vereshchagin, E.K. Zavoiskii, M.M. Zaripov, G.V. Kurdyumov “Boris Mikhailovich Kozyrev (on his seventieth birthday)18 567–568 (1975)

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