PACS numbers

91.32.De Crust and lithosphere
  1. M.A. Sadovskii “Block structure of the Earth’s lithosphere28 937–938 (1985)
    91.32.De, 91.60.Np, 91.65.Ej, 91.65.Gk, 91.35.Lj (all)
  2. V.B. Braginskii, A.V. Gusev et alSearches for low-frequency bursts of gravitational radiation28 938–939 (1985)
    91.32.De, 91.30.−f (all)
  3. A.A. Mikhailov “The Motion of the Earth’s Poles14 808–809 (1972)
    91.10.Nj, 91.32.De, 91.40.Jk, 93.30.Db (all)
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