PACS numbers

91.32.De Crust and lithosphere 91.35.Lj Composition and state of the Earth’s interior 91.60.Np Permeability and porosity 91.65.Ej Extrusive structures and rocks 91.65.Gk Intrusive structures and rocks
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    05.70.Fh, 05.70.Ln, 91.35.Lj (all)
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    61.50.Ks, 91.35.Gf, 91.35.Lj (all)
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    91.32.De, 91.60.Np, 91.65.Ej, 91.65.Gk, 91.35.Lj (all)
  4. V.B. Braginskii, A.V. Gusev et alSearches for low-frequency bursts of gravitational radiation28 938–939 (1985)
    91.32.De, 91.30.−f (all)
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    95.85.Ry, 91.35.Lj, 91.30.Px (all)
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    91.10.Nj, 91.32.De, 91.40.Jk, 93.30.Db (all)
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