PACS numbers

87.59.−e X-ray imaging
  1. V.V. Lider “X-ray refraction introscopy67 (4) (2024)
    07.85.−m, 41.50.+h, 61.05.C−, 78.20.Bh, 87.59.−e (all)
  2. V.V. Lider “Talbot and Talbot—Lau X-ray interferometers66 987–1007 (2023)
    07.85.−m, 41.50.+h, 42.79.Dj, 87.59.−e (all)
  3. V.V. Lider “X-ray fluorescence imaging61 980–999 (2018)
    41.50.+h, 42.79.−e, 61.05.cj, 87.59.−e (all)
  4. V.V. Lider “X-ray holography58 365–383 (2015)
    41.50.+h, 42.40.−i, 61.05.−a, 87.59.−e (all)
  5. V.V. Aristov, L.G. Shabel’nikov “Recent advances in X-ray refractive optics51 57–77 (2008)
    41.50.+h, 87.59.−e, 87.64.Bx (all)
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