Aleksandr Sergeevich Pirozhkov

Kansai Photon Science Institute, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Address: 8-1-7 Umemidai, Kyoto, Kizugawa-shi, 619-0215, Japan
Phone: +81 (791) 58 08 22
Fax: +81 (791) 58 03 11


  1. E.N. Ragozin, E.A. Vishnyakov, A.O. Kolesnikov et alSoft X-ray spectrometers based on aperiodic reflection gratings and their application64 495–514 (2021)
  2. A.S. Pirozhkov, E.N. Ragozin “Aperiodic multilayer structures in soft X-ray optics58 1095–1105 (2015)
  3. S.V. Bulanov, T.Zh. Esirkepov, M. Kando et alRelativistic mirrors in plasmas — novel results and perspectives56 429–464 (2013)

See also: E.N. Ragozin, T.Zh. Esirkepov, M. Kando, E.A. Vishnyakov, S.V. Bulanov, A.O. Kolesnikov, A.N. Shatokhin, N.N. Rozanov, A.V. Naumov

PACS: 07.60.-j, 42.79.-e, 07.85.-m, 07.85.Fv, 07.85.Nc, 07.87.+v, 42.30.-d, 52.35.Mw, 52.38.Ph, 52.59.Ye

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