Vladimir B. Braginskii

Vladimir B. Braginskii

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Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Physics
Address: Leninskie Gory 1 build. 2, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (495) 939 16 82
Fax: +7 (495) 932 88 20

In memory of Vladimir Borisovich Braginsky (Kip S. Thorne, Caltech)
In memory of Vladimir Borisovich Braginsky
LIGO Mourns the Loss of Vladimir Braginsky

Vladimir Borisovich Braginsky (3 August 1931 – 29 March 2016) was a Russian experimental physicist and a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He worked in the areas of precision and quantum measurements, the detection of gravitational waves, systems with low dissipation, and fundamental thermodynamic fluctuations. He was a member of the Editorial Board of the Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk journal between 1998 and 2015.


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Signed personalia

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See also: V.L. Ginzburg, A.F. Andreev, L.V. Keldysh, G.A. Mesyats, A.N. Skrinskii, L.P. Pitaevskii, E.P. Velikhov, A.M. Prokhorov, E.L. Feinberg, Zh.I. Alferov, B.B. Kadomtsev, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.A. Rubakov, V.A. Matveev, V.E. Fortov

PACS: 95.55.Ym, 01.60.+q, 04.80.Nn, 04.30.-w, 03.65.Ta, 01.10.Fv, 03.65.-w, 41.20.Jb, 77.22.Gm, 61.66.Fn, 96.30.Ea, 96.30.Ge, 07.10.-h, 98.70.Vc, 06.30.Dr

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