Aleksei M. Fridman

Department of Physics, University of California
Address: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: ul. Pyatnitskaya 48, Moscow, 119017, Russian Federation
Fax: 7 (495) 230-20-81

Russian Research Centre ‘Kurchatov Institute’, Institute of Physics of Stochastic Structures
Address: pl. Kurchatova 1, Moscow, 123182, Russian Federation
Phone: (499) 196-96-45


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Signed personalia

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See also: V.L. Ginzburg, A.F. Andreev, L.V. Keldysh, G.A. Mesyats, A.N. Skrinskii, L.P. Pitaevskii, E.P. Velikhov, E.L. Feinberg, Zh.I. Alferov, V.E. Fortov, A.M. Prokhorov, B.B. Kadomtsev, V.A. Rubakov, I.M. Khalatnikov, V.A. Matveev

PACS: 96.30.Wr, 98.62.Hr, 98.52.Nr, 47.20.-k, 01.60.+q, 01.10.Fv, 96.30.Qk, 97.10.Fy, 96.30.Mh, 96.25.St, 96.30.Pj, 96.15.Uv, 47.10.A-, 47.40.Ki, 47.40.Dc

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