PACS numbers

96.30.Wr Planetary rings
  1. N.N. Gor’kavyi, A.M. Fridman “The physics of planetary rings33 (2) 95–133 (1990)
    96.15.Uv, 96.30.Qk, 96.30.Wr, 97.10.Fy (all)
  2. N.N. Gor’kavyi, A.M. Fridman “Collective processes and the structures in planetary rings32 1038–1039 (1989)
    96.30.Wr, 96.30.Mh, 96.25.St (all)
  3. N.N. Gor’kavyi, A.M. Fridman “Resonance nature of the rings of Uranus and prediction of new satellites of Uranus29 1152–1155 (1986)
    96.30.Pj, 96.30.Wr, 96.30.Qk (all)
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