Accepted articles

In memory of Mikhail Igorevich Panasyuk

Reviews of topical problems

A.D. Pogrebnyak, M.A. Lisovenko et alProtective coatings with nanoscale multilayer architecture: current state and main trends

V.P. Lukin “Outer scale of turbulence and its influence on fluctuations of optical waves

D.A. Trunin “Pedagogical introduction to SYK model and 2D Dilaton Gravity

M.M. Markina, P.S. Berdonosov et alFrancisites as a new geometrically frustrated quasi-two-dimensional magnets

A.V. Guglielmi, A.S. Potapov “Frequency-modulated ULF waves in near-Earth space

A.E. Hramov, N.S. Frolov et alFunctional networks of the brain: from connectivity restoration to dynamic integration

R.V. Jolos, E.A. Kolganova “Phase transitions in atomic nuclei

G.M. Zinovjev, A.M. Snigirev “Many-parton distribution functions in quantum chromodynamics

E.D. Eidelman “Thermoelectric effect and thermoelectric generator based on carbon nanostructures: achievements and prospects

V.V. Val’kov, D.M. Dzebisashvili et alThe spin-polaron concept in the theory of normal and superconducting states of cuprate

L.M. Martyushev “aximum entropy production principle: history and current status

A.G. Syromyatnikov, S.V. Kolesnikov et alFormation and properties of metallic atomic chains and wires

A.L. Khomkin, A.S. Shumikhin “Supercritical fluid of metal vapors plasma, rare gases and excitons

A.B. Aleksandrov, A.B. Dashkina et alSearch for weakly interacting massive dark matter particles: state of the art and prospects

D.V. Bisikalo, V.I. Shematovich et alExtended envelopes of hot Jupiters

D.D. Sukachev “Large quantum networks

A.M. Balagurov, I.S. Golovin “Neutron scattering in studies of Fe-based functional alloys (Fe-Ga, Fe-Al et al.)

Yu.M. Yevdokimov, S.G. Skuridin et alThe multiplicity of "re-entrant" cholesteric structures in the DNA liquid-crystalline dispersions

D.S. Smirnov, V.N. Mantsevich, M.M. Glazov “Theory of optically detected spin noise in nanosystems

M.I. Rabinovich, P. Varona “Non-linear dynamics of creative thinking

S.I. Vedeneev “The pseudogap problem in high-temperature superconductors

A.V. Tutukov, G.N. Dryomova, V.V. Dremov “Hypervelocity stars: theory and observations

P.G. Frick, D.D. Sokoloff, R.A. Stepanov “Wavelets for the space-time structure analysis of physical fields

V.V. Klimov “The control of the elementary quantum systems radiation using metamaterials and nanometaparticles

M.I. Tribelsky, A.E. Miroshnichenko “Resonant scattering of electromagnetic waves by small metal particles

M.A. Semina, R.A. Suris “Localized excitons and trions in semiconductor nanosystems

N.A. Veretenov, N.N. Rosanov, S.V. Fedorov “Laser solitons: Topological and quantum phenomena

Yu.V. Vladimirova, V.N. Zadkov “Quantum optics of single quantum emitters in the near field of a nanoparticle

Yu.M. Shukrinov “Anomalous Josephson effect

A.V. Eremin, V.E. Fortov “Detonation wave of condensation

V.A. Vozhakov, M.V. Bastrakova et alState control in superconducting quantum processors

G.N. Makarov “Towards molecular laser separation of uranium isotopes

E.E. Boos “The SMEFT formalism is the basis for finding deviations from the Standard Model

Physics of our days

A.M. Zheltikov “In search of lost time: attosecond physics, petahertz optoelectronics, and quantum speed limit

V.I. Zhukova, A.V. Nefediev et alSuper-factory of bottomed hadrons Belle II

From the current literature

E.Yu. Klimenko “Applied superconductivity, frustrations and hopes

Instruments and methods of investigation

K.V. Zhukovsky “Undulator and FEL radiation with analytical account for the field harmonics and off-axis effects

I.D. Novikov, S.F. Likhachev et alScience objectives of the "Millimetron" Space Observatory and its technical implementation

E.N. Ragozin, E.A. Vishnyakov et alSoft X-ray spectrometers based on aperiodic reflection gratings and their application

V.M. Petrov, P.M. Agruzov et alBroadband integrated optical modulators: advances and perspectives

K.B. Yushkov, V.Ya. Molchanov, E.A. Khazanov “Uncertainty relation in broadband laser pulse shaping

Methodological notes

G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, I.A. Kondratyev “Free electron gas and electron-positron pair equilibrium in magnetic field

I.M. Arbekov, S.N. Molotkov “Extraction of quantum randomness

S.E. Kuratov, D.S. Shidlovski et alTwo scales of quantum effects in a mesoscopic system of degenerate electrons

D.S. Agafontsev, E.A. Kuznetsov et alCompressible vortex structures and their role in the onset of hydrodynamic turbulence

G.B. Malykin “Application of the modified Duguay method for measuring the Lorentz contraction of the length of a moving body

V.M. Grichine “Cherenkov effect and radiation energy loss

Conferences and symposia

A.M. Bykov “Astrophysical objects with extreme energy release: observations and theory


Nikolai Nikolaevich Rosanov (on his 80th birthday)

In memory of Nikolai Nikolaevich Sibeldin

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)

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