Accepted articles

Reviews of topical problems

V.V. Val’kov, M.S. Shustin et alTopological superconductivity and Majorana states in low-dimensional systems

P.G. Frick, D.D. Sokoloff, R.A. Stepanov “Wavelets for the space-time structure analysis of physical fields

M.I. Tribelsky, A.E. Miroshnichenko “Resonant scattering of electromagnetic waves by small metal particles

M.A. Semina, R.A. Suris “Localized excitons and trions in semiconductor nanosystems

N.A. Veretenov, N.N. Rosanov, S.V. Fedorov “Laser solitons: Topological and quantum phenomena

Yu.V. Vladimirova, V.N. Zadkov “Quantum optics of single quantum emitters in the near field of a nanoparticle

A.G. Semenov, A.D. Zaikin “Superconducting quantum fluctuations in one dimension

Yu.M. Shukrinov “Anomalous Josephson effect

K.V. Baryshnikova, S.S. Kharintsev et alMetalenses for subwavelength imaging

G.E. Abrosimova, D.V. Matveev, A.S. Aronin “Nanocrystal formation in homogeneous and heterogeneous amorphous phase

M.I. Panasyuk, L.I. Miroshnichenko “Acceleration of particles in space: a universal mechanism?

A.A. Pervishko, D.I. Yudin “Microscopic approach for the description of spin torques in two-dimensional Rashba anti- and ferromagnets

I.V. Antonova “Straintronics of 2D inorganic materials for electronic and optical applications

V.A. Vozhakov, M.V. Bastrakova et alState control in superconducting quantum processors

G.N. Makarov “Towards molecular laser separation of uranium isotopes

E.E. Boos “The SMEFT formalism is the basis for finding deviations from the Standard Model

A.I. Savvatimsky, S.V. Onufriev, N.M. Aristova “Physical properties of refractory carbides of metals of IV and V groups of the periodic table during rapid heating by an electric current pulse

M.O. Denisova, A.L. Zuev, K.G. Kostarev “Oscillating modes of concentration convection

A.P. Porfirev, A.A. Kuchmizhak et alPhase singularities and optical vortices in photonics

V.N. Rudenko, S.I. Oreshkin, K.V. Rudenko “Measurement of global gravity—inertial effects with ring laser interferometers

V.A. Bednyakov, E.V. Khramov “Search for Supersymmetry with R-parity violation at the ATLAS

O.V. Maslennikov, M.M. Pugavko et alNonlinear dynamics and machine learning of recurrent spiking neural networks

M.V. Kalashnik, M.V. Kurgansky, O.G. Chkhetiani “Baroclinic instability in geophysical hydrodynamics

A.S. Mel’nikov, S.V. Mironov et alSuperconducting spintronics: state of the art and perspectives

O.V. Butov, K.A. Tomyshev et alTilted fiber Bragg gratings and their sensing applications

V.B. Efimov “Quantum turbulence in superfluid helium

A.M. Glezer, R.V. Sundeev et alThe physics of severe plastic deformation

M.Ya. Marov, S.I. Ipatov “Migration processes in the Solar System and their role in the evolution of the Earth and planets

S.N. Vergeles, N.N. Nikolaev et alGeneral relativity effects in precision spin experiments on tests of fundamental symmetries

V.V. Uchaikin, A.D. Erlykin, R.T. Sibatov “Nonlocal models of cosmic ray transport in the interstellar medium

A.V. Slunyaev, D.E. Pelinovsky, E.N. Pelinovsky “Rogue waves in the sea: observations, physics and mathematics

P.A. Gritsyk, B.V. Somov “Modern analytical models of electrons acceleration and propagation in solar flares

M.Yu. Ryabikin, M.Yu. Emelin, V.V. Strelkov “Attosecond electromagnetic pulses: generation, measurement, and application. Attosecond metrology and spectroscopy

V.S. Beskin, V.I. Krauz, S.A. Lamzin “Laboratory modeling of jets from young stars using plasma focus facilities

N.D. Kondratyuk, V.V. Pisarev “Theoretical and computational approaches for prediction of liquids viscosity

K.L. Koshelev, Z.F. Sadrieva et alBound states in the continuum in photonic structures

A.A. Askadskii, T.A. Matseevich “Further research on the development of models and computer programs for the prediction and analysis of the physical properties of polymers

S.M. Stishov, A.E. Petrova “Thermodynamic, elastic and electronic properties of substances with chiral crystal structure: MnSi, FeSi, CoSi

Physics of our days

V.K. Vanag “Networks of spike oscillators and their application for creating autonomous intelligent devices

Instruments and methods of investigation

M.A. Proskurnin, V.R. Khabibullin et alPhotothermal and optoacoustic spectroscopy: current state and outlooks

I.Yu. Eremchev, D.V. Prokopova et alThree-dimensional fluorescence nanoscopy of single quantum emitters with highly efficient spatial phase modification of the point spread function based on spiral light beams

A.E. Ieshkin, A.B. Tolstoguzov et alGas-dynamic sources of cluster ions for solving fundamental and applied problems

A.A. Dedkova, I.V. Florinsky, N.A. Djuzhev “Approaches to determining curvature of wafers by their topography

A.A. Ivanov, A.N. Smirnov et alAccelerator-based neutron source for boron neutron capture therapy

P.V. Zinin, K.M. Bulatov et alRemote measurement of the temperature distribution on the surface of solids under high pressure and temperature in DAC

V.P. Savinykh, I.Yu. Vasyutinsky, D.V. Dementiev “Vertical refraction of light in the surface layer of the atmosphere: problems of determining refraction and achievement

V.N. Ochkin “Spectroscopy of small gas components of non-equilibrium low-temperature plasma

D.A. Dolgolenko, E.P. Potanin “Diffusive methods of isotope separation in plasma

A.V. Butenko, O.I. Brovko et alNICA Booster: superconducting synchrotron of a new generation

S.A. Pshenichnyuk, N.L. Asfandiarov et alCurrent state and prospects of dissociative electron attachment spectroscopy

Yu.M. Kuznetsov, M.V. Dorokhin et alGalvanomagnetic and thermomagnetic phenomena in thin metal CoPt films

A.B. Dyachkov, A.A. Gorkunov et alIsotopically selective photoionization for the production of the medical radioisotope $177Lu

Methodological notes

D.S. Agafontsev, E.A. Kuznetsov et alCompressible vortex structures and their role in the onset of hydrodynamic turbulence

N.V. Selina “Light diffraction in a plane-parallel layered structure with the parameters of Pendry's lens

V.M. Grichine “Cherenkov effect and radiation energy loss

A.A. Abrashkin, E.N. Pelinovsky “Gerstner waves and their generalizations in hydrodynamics and geophysics

M.V. Lebedev, O.V. Misochko “On classical analog of Fano problem

S.P. Efimov “Fock theory modification into 4-d coordinate space. Harmonic tensors in quantum Coulomb problem

A.G. Shalashov, E.D. Gospodchikov “"Anomalous" dissipation of a paraxial wave beam propagating along an absorbing plane

V.I. Alshits, V.N. Lyubimov “Plasmon—polariton at the interface of uniaxial crystal and metal: real dispersion equation and its analysis

From the history of physics

K. Barley, J. Vega-Guzmán et alDiscovery of the relativistic Schrödinger equation

Conferences and symposia

M.V. Sadovskii “Limits of Eliashberg theory and bounds for superconducting transition temperatur

Room-temperature superconductivity: from dream to reality (Scientific session of the Physical Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, May 12, 2021)

T. Kim, K.S. Pervakov et alNovel magnetic stoichiometric superconductor compound EuRbFe4As4


Gennadii Nikolaevich Kulipanov (on his 80th birthday)

Evgenii Mikhaiovich Churazov (on his 60th birthday)

Special issue

Forum Uspekhi-2021

T. Tajima, A. Necas et alEast meets West again now to Tackle the Global Energy Crises

Z.R. Ismagilov, E.V. Matus, L. Li “Catalytic methods of converting carbon dioxide into useful products to reduce the impact of coal generation on global climate change

P. Drobinski, A. Tantet “Integration of climate variability and climate change in renewable energy planning

N. Li “A new paradigm for civil nuclear energy. Perspectives from energy hierarchy and fundamental safety

E. Rignot “Sea level rise from melting glaciers and ice sheets caused by climate warming above pre-industrial levels

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)

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