Accepted articles

Reviews of topical problems

V.M. Fedorov “Variations of the Earth's insolation and especially their integration in physical and mathematical models of the climate

N.N. Achasov, G.N. Shestakov “Strong isospin symmetry breaking at production of light scalar mesons

M.Yu. Kagan, A.V. Turlapov “BCS-BEC crossover, collective excitations, and superfluid hydrodynamics in quantum fluids and gases

A.I. Mil’shtein, P.A. Krachkov “Electroproduction in an atomic field at high energies

V.A. Tverdislov, E.V. Malyshko “On regularities of spontaneous formation of structural hierarchies in chiral systems of non-living and living nature

A.G. Drutskoy “Experiments at the ILC linear collider: expected physical results

S.I. Blinnikov, A.D. Dolgov “Cosmological acceleration

P.S. Strelkov “Experimental plasma relativistic microwave electronics

Yu.S. Kalashnikova, A.V. Nefediev “X(3872) in the molecular model

V.T. Dolgopolov “Two-dimensional system of strongly interacting electrons in silicon (100) structures

L.A. Bol’shov, P.S. Kondratenko, L.V. Matveev “Non-classical transport in highly heterogeneous and sharply contrasting media

B.P. Filippov “Mass ejections from the solar atmosphere

L.V. Kulik, A.V. Gorbunov et alSpin excitations in two-dimensional electron gas, their relaxation, methods of photoexcitation and detection, role of Coulomb correlations

K.M. Salikhov “Current state of the spin exchange theory in dilute solutions of paramagnetic particles

G.V. Fetisov “X-ray diffraction methods for structural diagnostics of materials: progress and achievements

S.Ya. Vetrov, I.V. Timofeev, V.F. Shabanov “Localized modes in chiral photonic structures

A.A. Askadskii, T.A. Matseevich “The latest developments of models and calculation schemes for the quantitative analysis of the physical properties of polymers

S.A. Aseev, A.S. Akhmanov et alDynamics of nuclei and electrons in free molecules and condensed matter

Physics of our days

A.L. Buchachenko “Microwave stimulation of dislocations and magnetic control of the earthquake core

D.Yu. Akimov, V.A. Belov et alCoherent elastic neutrino - atomic nucleus scattering Ц recently discovered type of low-energy neutrino interaction

D.I. Kazakov “Perspectives of elementary particle physics

A.P. Serebrov “Discrepancy in neutron lifetime between storage and beam measuring techniques

S.S. Shakhidzhanov, F.A. Balabin et alCalcium oscillations in blood platelets and their possible role in extracellular information "interpretation" by cell

I.S. Aranson “Topological defects in active liquid crystals

M.I. Vysotsky, E.V. Zhemchugov “Equivalent photons in proton-proton and ion-ion collisions at the LHC

From the current literature

A.A. Makarov, E.A. Ryabov “On a half-forgotten but extremely powerful method of coherent spectroscopy of molecules

Instruments and methods of investigation

K.B. Fritzler, V.Ya. Prinz “3D printing of micro- and nanostructures

N.V. Marchenkov, A.G. Kulikov et alTime-resolved x-ray reciprocal space mapping of the crystal under external electric field

V.Yu. Khomich, V.A. Shmakov “Large-sized mirrors in force optics

T.S. Argunova, V.G. Kohn “A study of micropores in single crystals by in-line phase contrast imaging with synchrotron radiation

V.V. Lider “Multilayer x-ray interference structures

Methodological notes

Yu.N. Barabanenkov, S.A. Nikitov, M.Yu. Barabanenkov “Quantum fluctuations in magnetic nanostructures

G.V. Shpatakovskaya “Semiclassical method of analysis and estimation of the orbital binding energies in many-electron atoms and ions

V.V. Brazhkin “Can glassforming liquids be "simple"?

A.A. Rukhadze, V.P. Silin “From Lord Rayleigh to Professor A.A. Vlasov (from 1906 to 1945). Ways to create a kinetic theory of a plasma without collisions as a gas of charged particles with electromagnetic interaction

S.M. Stishov “Quantum effects in Boltzmann hard spheres

G.A. Mesyats, M.I. Yalandin “Nanosecond volume discharge in air initiated by a picosecond runaway electron beam

A. Khorshidi “Molybdenum-99 production via lead and bismuth moderators and milli-structure-98Mo samples by indirect production technique using Monte Carlo method

B.M. Bolotovskii, G.B. Malykin “Visible form of moving bodies

A.V. Belinsky “About David Bohm "wave-pilot" concept

Conferences and symposia

E.A. Ekimov, M.V. Kondrin “Non-traditional synthesis of nano- and microcrystal diamonds under high static pressures

V.P. Filonenko, I.P. Zibrov et alDiamond-based superhard composites: New synthesis approaches and perspectives for application

M.N. Popova, K.N. Boldyrev “New effects of the electron-phonon interaction in dielectrics

P.N. Melentiev, V.I. Balykin “Nano optical elements for surface plasmon waves

S.V. Chekalin, V.O. Kompanets et alThe light bullet dynamics in uniform dielectrics

V.V. Medvedev, A.S. Grushin et alPlasma-based sources of extreme ultraviolet radiation for lithography and mask inspection

I.Yu. Eremchev, M.Yu. Eremchev, A.V. Naumov “Multifunctional far-field luminescence nanoscope for single molecules and quantum dots

A.M. Bykov “Astrophysical objects with extreme energy release: observations and theory

On the 100th anniversary of the Ioffe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

R.L. Aptekar, A.M. Bykov et alCosmic gamma-ray bursts and soft gamma-repeaters Ц observations and modeling of the extreme astrophysical phenomena

A.A. Lebedev, P.A. Ivanov et alSiC based electronics

P.G. Baranov, A.M. Kalashnikova et alSpintronics of semiconductor, metallic, dielectric, and hybrid structures

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