Accepted articles

Reviews of topical problems

K.A. Gubarev, E.T. Musaev “Integrability structures in string theory

G.G. Kozlov, I.I. Ryzhov et alDevelopment of laser spectroscopy of spin noise

G.V. Smirnov “Coherent nuclear fluorescence: Synchrotron Mössbauer radiation

I.V. Antonova, A.I. Ivanov “Wearable noninvasive glucose sensors based on graphene and other carbon materials

I.I. Metelskii, V.F. Kovalev, V.Yu. Bychenkov “Relativistically nonlinear resonant absorption and harmonic generation of electromagnetic radiation in an inhomogeneous plasma

G.D. Liziakin, A.V. Gavrikov et alGeneration of the radial electric field in a cylindrical plasma column with an axial magnetic field

A.Yu. Presnyakov, V.I. Mikerov et alRadiation radiography and tomography in research and industry

L.M. Zelenyi, A.V. Zakharov et alPhysical processes of formation and peculiarities of the plasma-dust exosphere of the Moon

A.D. Panov, D.M. Podorozhnyi, A.N. Turundaevskii “Direct observations of cosmic rays: current status of the problem

A.P. Alodjants, D.V. Tsarev et alQuantum optical metrology

A.V. Galeeva, A.S. Kazakov, D.R. Khokhlov “Terahertz probing of topological insulators: photoelectric effects

M.S. Murga “Evolution of carbonaceous grains from the stage of AGB stars to planetary nebulae: observations, experiments, theory

A.V. Shchepetil’nikov, I.V. Kukushkin “Electron spin resonance in two-dimensional electron systems

From the current literature

Brouwers H J.H “Random packing fraction of binary similar particles: Onsager's model revisited

T.B. Charikova, N.G. Shelushina et alEffects of tunneling in highly anisotropic layers of superconductors

Instruments and methods of investigation

V.V. Lider “X-ray refraction introscopy

V.P. Khodunkov “Physical and technical aspects of radiometric thermometry from the perspective of a new definition for the temperature unit

Methodological notes

A.N. Azarevich, A.V. Bogach et alOn the issue of detection of Majorana fermions in heat capacity and Hall effect measurements in the Kondo insulator YbB12

S.M. Stishov “Notes on helium properties

From the history of physics

S.A. Gudin “Employees of the Institute of Metal Physics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the formation of the USSR atomic project

Conferences and symposia

A.A. Soloviev, K.F. Burdonov et alPlasma physics and particle acceleration investigations using petawatt-level PEARL facility

Gamma quanta and neutrinos from space: what we see now and what we need to see more (Scientific session of the Physical Sciences Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, April 21, 2023, St. Petersburg, Ioffe Institute RAS)

E.M. Verbitskaya, V.K. Eremin “Modern silicon detectors for gamma-astrophysics

A.M. Bykov “The sources of high energy cosmic radiation

V.V. Vlasyuk, I.V. Afanasieva et alLarge-format photodetector systems based on solid-state detectors in optical astronomy

S.V. Troitsky “The origin of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos: new results and prospects

V.V. Levin, A.V. Krivchenko et alDetectors and integrated circuits of orbiting telescopes

B.K. Lubsandorzhiev “Photon detectors for neutrino telescopes

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet: March 2024

On the 90th anniversary of the Lebedev Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (LPI)

E.N. Ragozin “X-ray and vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy in LPI

S.A. Gorbunov, A.E. Volkov et alTrack technique in modern atomic nucleus and fundamental particle physics, astrophysics and nanotechnology

N.M. Zubarev, G.A. Mesyats, M.I. Yalandin “Conditions for runaway electron generation in an air gap with an inhomogeneous electric field: theory and experimen

S.Yu. Gus’kov “Laser thermonuclear fusion and physics of pulsed plasma with super high energy density

I.N. Tilikin, N.V. Pestovskii et alCoherent properties of radiation from high-current nanosecond discharges

A.O. Barvinskii, V.N. Vakhovsky “Schwinger—DeWitt technique in quantum gravity

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