Reviews of topical problems

I.M. Dremin “Unexpected interaction properties between high energy protons60 333–344 (2017)

V.V. Kocharovsky, V.V. Zheleznyakov, E.R. Kocharovskaya, V.V. Kocharovsky “Superradiance: the principles of generation and implementation in lasers60 345–384 (2017)

S.I. Vedeneev “Quantum oscillations in three-dimensional topological insulators60 385–401 (2017)

From the current literature

K.V. Mitsen, O.M. Ivanenko “Superconducting phase diagrams of cuprates and pnictides as a key to understanding the HTSC mechanism60 402–411 (2017)

On the 100th anniversary of the birth of V.L. Ginzburg. Conferences and symposia

100th anniversary of the birth of V.L. Ginzburg (Scientific session of the Physical Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 5 October 2016)60 412–412 (2017)

V.I. Ritus “V.L. Ginzburg and the Atomic Project60 413–418 (2017)

T.E. Kuzmicheva, A.V. Muratov, S.A. Kuzmichev, A.V. Sadakov, Yu.A. Aleshenko, V.A. Vlasenko, V.P. Martovitsky, K.S. Pervakov, Yu.F. Eltsev, V.M. Pudalov “On the structure of the superconducting order parameter in high-temperature Fe-based superconductors60 419–429 (2017)


A.F. Andreev, G. Boebinger, G.E. Volovik, I.E. Dzyaloshinskii, S.V. Iordanskii, V.P. Mineev, D. Pines, L.P. Pitaevskii, V.L. Pokrovskii, G.B. Teitel’baum, I.M. Khalatnikov, G.M. Eliashberg “In memory of Lev Petrovich Gor'kov60 430–431 (2017)

Physics news on the internet

..  “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)60 432–433 (2017)


Contents of the Ginzburg centenary issues of the "Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk" ("Physics—Uspekhi") journal60 434–434 (2017)

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