Reviews of topical problems

G.N. Makarov “Laser IR fragmentation of molecular clusters: the role of channels for energy input and relaxation, influence of surroundings, dynamics of fragmentation60 227–258 (2017)

D.V. Kazantsev, E.V. Kuznetsov, S.V. Timofeev, A.V. Shelaev, E.A. Kazantseva “Apertureless near-field optical microscopy60 259–275 (2017)

R.A. Andrievski “High-melting point compounds: new approaches and new results60 276–289 (2017)

Physics of our days

L.V. Ksanfomality “30 years of the Vega mission: Comparison of some properties of 1P/Halley and 67P/Churyumov—Gerasimenko comets60 290–304 (2017)

Methodological notes

V.I. Alshits, E.V. Darinskaya, M.V. Koldaeva, R.K. Kotowski, E.A. Petrzhik, P. Tronczyk “Dislocation kinetics in nonmagnetic crystals: a look through a magnetic window60 305–318 (2017)

From the history of physics

A.V. Guglielmi “Omori's law: a note on the history of geophysics60 319–324 (2017)

Letters to the editors

A.V. Belinsky, V.B. Lapshin “The uncertainty principle and measurement accuracy60 325–326 (2017)


In memory of Spartak Timofeevich Belyaev60 327–329 (2017)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)60 330–331 (2017)

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