Methodological notes

Colors of thin films, antiresonance phenomena in optical systems, and the limiting loss of modes in hollow optical waveguides

International Laser Center of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Vorobevy gory, Moscow, 119992, Russian Federation

Wave-theory arguments often used to explain colors of thin films are applied to derive simple, physically instructive relations providing a quantitative understanding of transmission spectra of hollow optical waveguides with a complex structure of the cladding. Antiresonant phenomena in complicated optical waveguide systems are shown to weaken the coupling between certain groups of waveguide modes, suggesting ways to substantially reduce optical loss and radically improve the beam quality of radiation transmitted through hollow waveguides. It has been revealed that the presence of a single Fabry-Perot type antiresonant layer in a waveguide cladding considerably lowers the waveguide loss and enhances the suppression of high-order waveguide modes relative to standard, capillary waveguides with a solid cladding. Transmission of optical signals over large distances, however, requires waveguides with a periodically structured antiresonant cladding. The loss in such waveguides exponentially decreases, while the efficiency of high-order mode suppression exponentially increases with the growth in the number of structure periods in the waveguide cladding.

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PACS: 42.65.Dr, 42.65.Ky, 42.65.Re, 42.65.Wi (all)
DOI: 10.1070/PU2008v051n06ABEH006448
Citation: Zheltikov A M "Colors of thin films, antiresonance phenomena in optical systems, and the limiting loss of modes in hollow optical waveguides" Phys. Usp. 51 591–600 (2008)
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T1 Colors of thin films, antiresonance phenomena in optical systems, and the limiting loss of modes in hollow optical waveguides
A1 Zheltikov,A.M.
PB Physics-Uspekhi
PY 2008
FD 10 Jun, 2008
JF Physics-Uspekhi
JO Phys. Usp.
VO 51
IS 6
SP 591-600
DO 10.1070/PU2008v051n06ABEH006448

Оригинал: Желтиков А М «Цвета тонких пленок, антирезонансные явления в оптических системах и предельные потери собственных мод полых световодов» УФН 178 619–629 (2008); DOI: 10.3367/UFNr.0178.200806d.0619

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