Reviews of topical problems

Yu.M. Kagan, V.I. Perel’ “Probe methods in plasma research6 767–793 (1964)

A.S. Vovenko, B.A. Kulakov, M.F. Likhachev, Yu.A. Matulenko, I.A. Savin, V.S. Stavinskii “Gas filled Cherenkov counters6 794–824 (1964)

Meetings and conferences

K.B. Tolpygo, I.B. Levinson “Fifth All-Union conference on the theory of semiconductors6 825–833 (1964)

G.V. Rozenberg “Fifth inter-departmental conference on atmospheric optics and actinometry6 834–840 (1964)

Reviews of topical problems

V.D. Krotikov, V.S. Troitskii “Radio emission and nature of the Moon6 841–871 (1964)

E.L. Stolyarova “Semiconductor detectors of nuclear radiation6 872–887 (1964)

F.I. Vilesov “Photoionization of gases and vapors by vacuum ultraviolet radiation6 888–929 (1964)

V.L. Ginzburg “What IS verified by measurements of the gravitational frequency shift?6 930–932 (1964)

Methodological notes

S. Strelkov “Demonstration of the role of the axis of ’free rotation’ of a body6 933–933 (1964)

L.N. Kaptsov “Four lecture demonstrations for courses on the theory of oscillations and radio engineering6 933–938 (1964)

B.Sh. Perkal’skis “Some physics demonstration6 939–940 (1964)

B.Sh. Perkal’skis, V.L. Larin “Lecture demonstrations with centimeter waves6 940–941 (1964)

V.Ya. Gavrik “A liquid filled pendulum for demonstration of the diurnal rotation of the Earth6 941–944 (1964)


M.G. Meshcheryakov, N.A. Perfilov “In memory of Lev Vladimirovich Mysovskiĭ (on the seventy-fifth anniversary of his birth)6 945–946 (1964)

Ya.E. Genkin “MOISEĬ IZRAILEVICH KORSUNSKIĬ (On the occasion of his sixtieth birthday)6 947–948 (1964)

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