Reviews of topical problems

G.E. Vleduts, V.V. Nalimov, N.I. Styazhkin “Scientific and technical information as one of the problems of cybernetics2 637–665 (1959)

G.V. Rozenberg “Absorption spectroscopy of dispersed materials2 666–698 (1959)

V.S. Grechishkin “Nuclear quadrupole resonance2 699–718 (1959)

M.D. Karasev “Some general properties of nonlinear reactive elements2 719–748 (1959)

G.D. Malyuzhinets “Developments in our concepts of diffraction phenomena (on the 130TH anniversary of the death of Thomas Young)2 749–758 (1959)

G.B. Sutherland “New trends in infrared spectroscopy2 759–764 (1959)


Yu.A. Mitropol’skii, S.V. Tyablikov “NIKOLAI NIKOLAEVICH BOGOLYUBOV (on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday)2 765–770 (1959)

I.P. Bogdanova, O.P. Bochkova, A.N. Zaidel’, V.M. Zakharova, Yu.M. Kagan, N.I. Kaliteevskii, N.P. Penkin, M.P. Chaika, A.M. Shukhtin, L.V. Lipis “SERGEI ÉDUARDOVICH FRISH (on his 60th birthday)2 771–773 (1959)


D.A. Frank-Kamenetskii, V.M. Lopukhin “BIBLIOGRAPHY2 774–776 (1959)

T.O. Vreden-Kobetskaya “New books on physics2 777–781 (1959)

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