Reviews of topical problems

N.A. Perfilov, O.V. Lozhkin, V.P. Shamov “Processes of fragmentation and fission in interactions between high energy particles and nuclei3 1–40 (1960)

R.I. Garber, I.A. Gindin “Physics of the strength of crystalline materials3 41–77 (1960)

V.M. Danilenko, M.A. Krivoglaz, L.N. Larikov, A.A. Smirnov “Ukrainian conference on the theory of metals and alloys3 78–83 (1960)

Yu.L. Klimontovich, V.P. Silin “The spectra of systems of interacting particles and collective energy losses during passage of charged particles through matter3 84–114 (1960)

V.L. Ginzburg, A.V. Gurevich “Nonlinear phenomena in a Plasma located in an alternating electromagnetic field3 115–146 (1960)

E.L. Feinberg “On multiple production in collisions of ultra-high energy particles3 147–158 (1960)

L. Brekhovskikh “Propagation of acoustic and infrared waves in natural waveguides over long distances3 159–166 (1960)

Methodological notes

N.N. Malov, N.P. Orlova, N.E. Selivanenko, I.I. Fedotov “Some lecture demonstrations for a Physics course3 167–168 (1960)

S.N. Sokolov, L.N. Erastov “Demonstration of a Chain reaction on a Model3 169–170 (1960)

S.N. Sokolov, L.N. Erastov “Lecture experiment on the determination of the specific heat of a Gas at constant pressure3 171–171 (1960)

Letters to the editors

R.A. Sapozhnikov “Spectral distribution of radiant energy3 172–174 (1960)

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