PACS numbers

84.30.Qi Modulators and demodulators; discriminators, comparators, mixers, limiters, and compressors
  1. D.E. Vakman, L.A. Vainshtein “Amplitude, phase, frequency—fundamental concepts of oscillation theory20 1002–1016 (1977)
    84.30.Ng, 84.30.Qi, 84.20.Es (all)
  2. A.N. Kozlova, V.S. Etkin “Lecture demonstrations of certain wave phenomena in the 3 cm band12 295–297 (1969)
    41.20.Jb, 84.30.Qi, 84.40.Az (all)
  3. M.D. Karasev “Some general properties of nonlinear reactive elements2 719–748 (1959)
    84.32.Tt, 84.30.Qi, 84.30.Le (all)
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