PACS numbers

61.20.Lc Time-dependent properties; relaxation
  1. V.N. Pokrovskii “Dynamics of weakly-coupled linear macromolecules35 (5) 384–399 (1992)
    61.20.Lc, 61.25.Hq, 66.10.Cb, 62.10.+s, 61.20.Gy (all)
  2. G.P. Mikhailov, T.I. Borisova “Molecular motion in polymers7 375–384 (1964)
    61.25.Hq, 61.20.Lc, 77.22.Gm, 62.20.−x (all)
  3. N.P. Malomuzh, K.S. Shakun “Collective components of self-diffusion in liquids”, accepted
    61.20.Ne, 66.20.+d, 61.20.Lc, 66.30.jj (all)
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