PACS numbers

43.30.−k Underwater sound
  1. A.A. Lunkov, V.A. Grigorev, V.G. Petnikov “Acoustic properties of the sea bottom and their effect on long-range sound propagation on the Arctic shelfPhys. Usp. 67 171–193 (2024)
    43.30.−k, 43.30.+m, 92.10.Vz (all)
  2. V.F. Kop’ev, S.A. Chernyshev “Vortex ring oscillations, the development of turbulence in vortex rings and generation of soundPhys. Usp. 43 663–690 (2000)
    43.30.−k, 47.27.−i, 47.27.Sd, 47.32.−y (all)
  3. G.A. Askar’yan, A.V. Yurkin “New developments in optoacousticsSov. Phys. Usp. 32 349–356 (1989)
    43.30.−k, 43.35.Ud (all)
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