PACS numbers

43.28.Bj Mechanisms affecting sound propagation in air, sound speed in the air 43.58.Ls Acoustical lenses and microscopes
  1. B.Sh. Perkal’skis, V.L. Larin, M.F. Konosheidov “Lens for sound waves in air15 513–514 (1973)
    43.58.Ls, 43.28.Bj (all)
  2. B.Sh. Perkal’skis, V.L. Larin “Lecture demonstrations of acoustic phase zone plates11 771–773 (1969)
    43.58.Ls, 43.10.Sv, 01.50.My (all)
  3. B.J. Robinson “Influence of motion of the medium on the phase difference between the oscillations of a sound source and a sound receiver11 275–275 (1968)
    43.38.Ja, 43.38.Kb, 43.28.Bj (all)
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