PACS numbers

32.90.+a Other topics in atomic properties and interactions of atoms with photons
  1. N.B. Delone, V.P. Krainov “AC Stark shift of atomic energy levels42 669 (1999)
    32.80.Rm, 32.80.Pb, 32.90.+a, 42.65.−k (all)
  2. V.S. Popov “On the history of developing the theory of tunneling ionization in atoms and ions42 733–734 (1999)
    32.90.+a, 42.65.+k
  3. N.B. Delone, V.P. Krainov “Tunneling and barrier-suppression ionization of atoms and ions in a laser radiation field41 469–485 (1998)
    32.90.+a, 42.65.+k
  4. N.B. Delone, V.P. Krainov “Atomic stabilisation in a laser field38 1247–1268 (1995)
    32.90.+a, 42.50.−p (all)
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