PACS numbers

21.60.Gx Cluster models
  1. L.V. Grigorenko, M.S. Golovkov et alStudies of light exotic nuclei in vicinity of neutron and proton drip-lines at FLNR JINR59 321–366 (2016)
    21.45.−v, 21.60.Gx, 23.50.+g (all)
  2. A.I. Akishin, V.V. Balashov et alIgor’ Borisovich Teplov (Obituary)35 (9) 809–810 (1992)
    01.60.+q, 25.45.Hi, 23.20.En, 21.60.Cs, 21.60.Gx, 24.50.+g (all)
  3. S.S. Gershtein “On the probability of excitation of high-spin states in the capture of π--mesons by nuclei21 223–224 (1978)
    21.60.Gx, 25.80.+f
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