V.A. Oboznov

Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Akademika Osip'yana str. 2, Chernogolovka, Moscow Region, 142432, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (496) 522 19 82
Fax: +7 (496) 522 81 60


  1. V.V. Ryazanov, V.A. Oboznov, V.V. Bol’ginov et alSuperconducting currents through a ferromagnet. Phase inversion in structures with Josephson π-junctions47 732–738 (2004)
  2. G.Yu. Logvenov, V.A. Oboznov, V.V. Ryazanov, A.V. Ustinov “Vortex dynamics in one- and two-dimensional discrete Josephson structures39 844–844 (1996)

See also: V.V. Ryazanov, G.Yu. Logvenov, A.V. Ustinov, K.K. Likharev, A.S. Prokof’ev, A.K. Feofanov, V.V. Bol’ginov, V.M. Svistunov, M.A. Belogolovskii, M.Yu. Kupriyanov

PACS: 74.50.+r, 74.45.+c, 74.80.Dm

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