Yu.V. Dubrovskii

Institute of Problems of Microelectronic Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Moscow region, Chernogolovka, Russian Federation
Fax: 7 (095) 962 8047


  1. E.E. Vdovin, Yu.N. Khanin, Yu.V. Dubrovskii et alMagnetotunneling spectroscopy imaging of electron wave functions in self-assembled InAs quantum dots44 1299–1301 (2001)
  2. E.E. Vdovin, Yu.N. Khanin, Yu.V. Dubrovskii et alScientific session of the Division of General Physics and Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (30 May 2001)44 1299–1301 (2001)
  3. V.A. Volkov, E.E. Takhtamirov, D.Yu. Ivanov et alTunneling spectroscopy of quasi-two-dimensional plasmons44 1301–1304 (2001)
  4. Yu.V. Dubrovskii, V.G. Popov, E.E. Vdovin et alTunnelling resonances in a single-barrier heterostructure39 842–842 (1996)

See also: Yu.N. Khanin, E.E. Vdovin, L. Eaves, P.C. Main, M. Henini, G. Hill, D.K. Maude, A. Veretennikov, A. Levin, A. Patane, D.Yu. Ivanov, J.C. Maan, E.E. Takhtamirov, J.C. Portal, V.A. Volkov

PACS: 73.40.Gk, 71.24.+q, 73.61.Ey, 73.61.Tm, 71.45.Gm, 71.55.Eq, 73.20.Mf, 29.25.Bx, 71.27.+a, 79.60.Jv, 29.27.Hj, 85.30.Tv, 71.35.Ji, 71.35.Lk, 03.75.Fi

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