Andrei Aleksandrovich Fraerman

Institute for Physics of Microstructures, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: ul. Ul'yanova 46, Nizhnii Novgorod, 603950, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (831) 238 51 20
Fax: +7 (831) 267 55 53


  1. D.A. Tatarskiy, A.V. Petrenko, S.N. Vdovichev et alFeatures of the motion of spin 1/2 particles in a noncoplanar magnetic field59 583–587 (2016)
  2. A.A. Fraerman “Magnetic states and transport properties of ferromagnetic nanostructures55 1255–1260 (2012)
  3. S.A. Gusev, Yu.N. Nozdrin, M.V. Sapozhnikov, A.A. Fraerman “Collective effects in artificial two-dimensional lattices of ferromagnetic nanoparticles43 288–291 (2000)
  4. S.A. Gusev, Yu.N. Nozdrin, D.B. Rozenshtein et alMagnetic reorientational transition in multilayer Co/Pd structures38 1289–1292 (1995)

See also: Yu.N. Nozdrin, S.A. Gusev, V.L. Ginzburg, D.A. Tatarskiy, S.N. Vdovichev, O.G. Udalov, Yu.V. Nikitenko, M.V. Sapozhnikov, D.B. Rozenshtein, M.G. Tetel’man, A.V. Petrenko, G.A. Smolenskii, G.A. Askar’yan, A.V. Gurevich, Yu.V. Kopaev

PACS: 85.75.-d, 03.65.Nk, 28.20.-v, 75.47.-m, 75.75.-c, 75.60.-d, 75.70.-k, 01.10.Fv, 75.70.Cn, 75.50.Rr, 75.30.Kz

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