Yurii Vasilievich Nikitenko

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Address: 6 Joliot-Curie Str., Dubna, Moscow Region, 141980, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (496) 216-40-40
Fax: +7 (496) 216-51-46


  1. D.A. Tatarskiy, A.V. Petrenko, S.N. Vdovichev et alFeatures of the motion of spin 1/2 particles in a noncoplanar magnetic field59 583–587 (2016)

See also: A.V. Petrenko, D.A. Tatarskiy, S.N. Vdovichev, O.G. Udalov, A.A. Fraerman

PACS: 03.65.Nk, 28.20.-v, 85.75.-d

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