V.I. Vysotskii

Department of Radiophysics, T.G. Shevchenko Kiev National University
Address: Kiev, Ukraine


  1. V.I. Vysotskii, V.I. Vorontsov, R.N. Kuz’min et alThe Sagnac experiment with X-radiation37 289–302 (1994)
  2. V.I. Vysotskii, R.N. Kuz’min “Channeling of neutral particles and photons in crystals35 (9) 725–746 (1992)

See also: R.N. Kuz’min, V.I. Vorontsov, P.A. Bezirganyan, A.G. Rostomyan, M.I. Kaganov, V.G. Bar’yakhtar, G.A. Smolenskii

PACS: 04.20.+c, 61.85.+p, 75.30.Ds, 75.60.Ch, 76.80.+y

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