Aleksandr N. Pisarchik

Center for Biomedical Technology Technical University of Madrid
Address: Campus Montegancedo, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, 28223, Spain
Phone: + 34 (91) 067 92 50


  1. A.N. Pisarchik, A.E. Hramov “Stochastic processes in the brain's neural network and their impact on perception and decision-making66 1224–1247 (2023)
  2. A.E. Hramov, N.S. Frolov, V.A. Maksimenko et alFunctional networks of the brain: from connectivity restoration to dynamic integration64 584–616 (2021)

See also: A.E. Hramov, V.A. Maksimenko, S.A. Kurkin, V.B. Kazantsev, N.S. Frolov

PACS: 05.45.-a, 05.45.Tp, 05.45.Xt,, 87.85.dd,

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