Boris Mikhailovich Karnakov

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Address: Kashirskoe shosse 31, Moscow, 115409, Russian Federation


  1. B.M. Karnakov, V.D. Mur, S.V. Popruzhenko, V.S. Popov “Current progress in developing the nonlinear ionization theory of atoms and ions58 3–32 (2015)
  2. V.S. Popov, B.M. Karnakov “Hydrogen atom in a strong magnetic field57 257–279 (2014)

See also: V.S. Popov, V.D. Mur, N.B. Delone, S.V. Popruzhenko

PACS: 03.65.Sq, 32.80.Fb, 32.80.Rm, 32.80.Wr, 34.80.Qb, 03.65.Ge, 03.65.Pm, 32.30.-r

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